Saturday, October 19, 2013

Revlon Nearly Naked foundation - 150 nude

I bought this because i felt like my skin was a bit abused by the long hours with the colorstay and since i've read some good reviews and the price was friendlier i gave it a go.
I normally would've gone for a shade lighter, but shell was way off and vanilla isn't to find around here.
It's been a love-hate relationship and i've managed to empty half of the bottle since.
There is something i like about it that makes me use it again and again, on and off.
Let's start with the shade. Nude and no 150 is confusing when joined together, but the name is the true hint, believe me. I use 180 for combo and it's more 'coloured', even a bit orange on me. Let's say it felt good after looking greyish from the sand beige for a long time.
The texture is creamy, smooth and easy to apply, even layer if you like, but only in the first 5 minutes, afterwards, it will only erase the first layer that got to dry.
The staying power is ok for a non-long-lasting-dedicated foundation and using powder can work for combination skin, also. It works for me, at least.
The finish is satiny, radiant and i don't like it to leave it that way and i use powder every time, but in my opinion it needs a concealer in the range. I can't use it alone under my eyes and i feel like it shifts a bit (i don't use powder under my eyes to set the foundation - it accentuates my circles, but in the pictures below i did!)
The coverage is medium and it does not smell.
Overall, i don't think i'll buy it again, because of the shades and because it needs a suitable concealer (Affinitone 02 is too pink and 03 too dark for 150 nude)

Pictures taken in sunlight look very good, too good, i'd say and i had to add some earlier pictures in natural light (morning, same day) with flash and without. Yes, it's the same shade - Nude 150.

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