Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Lighten me, God!

Yes. I did lighten up my hair again. After swearing i won't ever again...or at least this year.
I got so sick of my dark brown hair that i couldn't stand it anymore and i had to do it.

So...my hair was like this:

I bought this:
...which promises to lighten up to 8 shades!!!
Since all browns you can find in a drugstore are red-based, the result was this:
I didn't want to stay 25-30 min, so i washed it off after 20 minutes.
The color i thought would work and like:
Dark blonde. Since Casting Creme Gloss is ammonia free and a semi-permanent dye i thought this would turn medium brown with neutral-golden tones. I was wrong again. They just don't get any color right, really. I have tried before other shades and they were all tons darker than they're suppose to and red toned. So was this one.
The final result:

Yes, it is the same color, but one was made at 1 p.m. when the weather was cloudy and i needed the flash and the first picture from above was taken at 5 p.m. when it was sunny.
I can say i am red-brown for i don't know how long, really :( I hate it.
After lightening my hair so many times i can say it's not possible to get a natural light brown hair, blonde based, with no green tones with drugstore dyes/at home! Go to a stylist. ;)

Later edit:

Hair after 1 wash:

The light and the camera makes the color look so alive and beautiful, but in reality it was dull, orange and uneven.
Because i wasn't liking the brown on me anymore, i decided to go for Syoss Light Brown 5-1. The basic one. I stood in front of the hair dye counter for minutes and minutes and i couldn't decide, i was trying to remember which of the dyes are really long lasting, which turn dark, which are true and which are the best for my case (cover the brown but does not turn really dark). I was tempted to go for Oleo intense Gold brown but the number of the shade made me not to choose it since it was in the 4 range and i thought it would get to dark for my wish and that made my choice easy, it should've been a 5 hair color number, so syoss light brown it was:
 I couldn't be happier with the result. In natural light, no sun involved, it is a medium cool brown. In the sun is even more pretty :) I think it did an amazing job on top of that chestnut orange color i had!
The golden pigment shines so beautifully and gives such shine in the indoor lighting. I love it.

 The hair is affected a great deal, but in a few weeks it will look better.
 What i learned from this is that L'Oreal Casting Creme Gloss is a sheer/gentle hair dye, meant to boost a natural color, to add shine and to make color changing easy.


  1. That's a really gorgeous light brown you ended up with! In future if you wanna go lighter again.. Try a color remover (not color stripper) without bleach or ammonia. Color Oops for example, there's other brands too. This will dry out your hair. But not damage it. The color remover pulls out the dye molecules. Leaving your hair the color it was underneath. It doesn't lighten your hair. Wait a while before bleaching after that. Rinsing the color out is the most important step. It's better not to bleaching again until you do not smell the color remover in your hair anymore. Wait at least a week. If it's still on there and you try to bleach it the color can reoxydize and it will turn your hair darker. In regards to bleaching.. Last time I bleached I did it over coconut oiled hair. put it in at least 2hours before bleaching. It really prevented damage and does not interfere with the lightening process. :)


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