Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Henna or not?

I seem to be in constant conflict with my hair color and i miss so much that copper brown i had last year, which i ruined by mistake, of course, by choosing a wrong hair dye (too dark). *Sigh*... I had such a pretty long and shiny hair and i am so upset with myself for ruining it. I can't manage to grow it back ever since....

They say you look best with your natural color... and my natural color, as a child, was chestnut brown. Since i've read an article about formaldehyde being carcinogen, i can't stand the idea of ever dyeing my hair again (since the hair colors contain formaldehyde) and i'm considering Henna as a future option...although now i had in plan, before knowing about formaldehyde, to let it grow and stop the coloring for a while. Red, copper, auburn, whatever it might turn out on my hair, henna has other pros, also, and i think i will do it, sometimes next month or so, because i hate how blunt and washed out i look :) I want to keep things simple in the future, like using less make-up, somehow, i haven't figured it out, yet...but i know it's a start...for more spare time, for less money spent, for a more natural version of me. Since i was 16 i never left the house without make-up and in a couple of months from now i'll be 29 and i am starting to feel a little tired from all the work that i need in the morning. I'd rather spend half an hour from that hour i need for putting make-up on doing something else, for a change. I hate the fact that i got used to wearing a full face of make-up and i can't feel like i'm pulling off that 'natural no makeup look'. All or nothing. I can't seem to face well half measures. Damn...i really poured my soul out here, haven't i? Sorry... This post was meant for informing you about the bad thing in the hair dyes and how nature provided alternatives for some of us. I'll be back with the Henna experiment post, soon ;) I'll keep my fingers crossed as i won't turn out looking like Pumukli's sister or something :)


  1. Hey Ale, ti-am citit comentariul de pe blogul meu. Nu stiu daca sa indraznesc sa te indrum spre henna sau nu, daca esti decisa sa ramai la o anumita culoare atunci poate ca henna potrivita s-ar dovedi ceva mai ok decat in cazul meu. Spuneai despre parul meu ca arata bine, sincer la cat e de degradat am reusit sa ii aduc stralucirea si senzatia aia de moale pe care o avea mai demult. O sa scriu curand pe blog despre produsele care m-au ajutat sa il aduc acum in starea de azi. Am observat ca ai scris printre primele randuri ca nu iti mai poti creste parul...poate suna stupid, dar am citit de ceva vreme de un truc care ajuta parul sa creasca si am stat si am analizat perioada in care mie mi-a crescut vizibil parul in cateva luni. Trucul se numeste ,,cardio,, deci da, daca faci cardio se imbunatateste circulatia la nivelul scalpului si parul creste...eu in perioada in care faceam am reusit sa il cresc de la nivelul umerilor pana la mijlocul spatelui in 3-4 luni. Eu zic sa incerci :D te mai astept pe la mine >:D< apropo, engleza ta e perfecta si nu arati deloc a 29 de ani! Bravo tie!

    1. Multumesc pentru pont si pentru complimente! :* Stiam ca sportul, in general, ajuta la refacerea colagenului din piele si prin urmare, persoanele care fac sport regulat au pielea mai elastica, mai hidratata... :-< trebuie sa ma apuc de sport...asa nu se mai poate :)


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