Friday, August 30, 2013

Extra POP Lash by Rimmel and AURA LouLou lipstick

 Because i love Extra super lash mascara i bought this new launched mascara, last month. The brush is similar, but the result, not so similar, in terms of efficiency. It took lots of coats to reach the desired result and i don't find it to be as good as Extra super lash. I keep it, but i don't know if i'll use it up, soon.

 A very surprising brand came to the dm stores last winter and after buying 2 lipsticks, a blush and a nail polish i can call myself and AURA Kozmetika brand fan! The prices are good and the products even better.
 I just love the LouLou lipstick. Isn't this red pretty?
I love the texture, the fact that it has no smell, the staying power, the way it looks on...i like everything about it, just as the other one, Satin Lipstick.

 The color can be sheer or full, depending on the amount you put on.
 Here are my lashes with Extra POP Lash mascara.

 ...and the complete look.
Hope you have a great day!

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