Friday, July 26, 2013

Cheapy mini haul

I went out to buy some face masks or something to make my pores smoother. I bought one peeling mask and nose strips. I will get back with details, if they're any good.

After months of wearing lipstick exclusively, i missed a lipgloss so much that i got a miss sporty one, that smells like bubble gum (thing i hated about it years back) and i chose a peachy, non-glittery color.
 For my horrible nails - which are cheaping more and more since i work in a clothing store- i had to buy a nude color and this one is Rimmel's 60 seconds 'let's get naked' nail polish. It's a perfect blush color and i'm glad it's not a boring nude.

 And the last thing i swatched is this purple-plum-mauve eyeshadow, which i feel like it's very much needed when i look washed out (most days, to be honest).
I got back to my Rocket volume mascara and since my Bourjois waterproof clubbing eyeliner pencil is consuming so fast i picked up express liquid eyeliner from Maybelline, also. I remember liking the blue one.

Have a great day!

Now, please excuse me, the cat is waiting for me...
...oh, wait...that's my side!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

ELF false eyelashes ❤

 I picked some random glue and my natural lashes have mascara on. I just decided to try the glue and the e.l.f. lashes, this afternoon. :) Here are some pics. I just love them!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Can you find the difference?

 Revlon Colorstay for combination/oily skin, shade 180 - Sand beige. There's nothin new to this.
But something is...

I bought one of them last week and after days of feeling yucky and not flawless, i took it and stared at it...the next day i did the same...i shaked the hell out of it....nothing...i had the same poor coverage, the streaks underneath the eyes, things that didn't happen ever before! I hadn't changed my moisturiser, i couldn't find the explanation until i took it again and ta-daaa...the SPF turned higher, like the one for normal/dry skin, in order to improve it and make it more natural-feeling and my case, it's not an improvement, i like the gooey consistency and the tight feeling, cuz that's how it does the perfect job for my needs!

Now i'll just hope i won't have to stock up lots of colorstays with spf 6 :(

Aaand since Rocket Volume was not pleasing me as much and since Sexy curves was discontinued i took the chance of trying the Bourjois Beauty Full Volume mascara, on sale, of course. It will be my single chance. :) It resembles very much to Colossal by Maybelline...even the smell! The lashes aren't stiff enough for my taste and i don't like it much.

Have a great day!

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