Sunday, June 02, 2013

Sexy curves mascara, yves rocher concealer and seventeen lipstick

 I just loved the idea of a compact concealer since i like heavier coverage under my eyes, where my most freckles are! The price was reasonable, too and i couldn't wait to try it out!
 I chose the shade 200 - clair, meaning it's the second after the lightest.
 It has yellow undertone as you can see in the photo above.
The consistency is hard-compact and once applied it streaks, especially if much is needed, since it doesn't cover very well, medium i'd say. I don't like it and i won't buy it or even use it again! :(

I liked the rimmel sexy curves mascara and i went to repurchase it, but they only had the intense black version. It it pretty much the same, i can't notice a deeper black or anything. What i like about it is the way it defines the lashes and the brush is easy to use.

 The third thing i bought and i don't like is the Seventeen lipstick in color 200. I was looking for a satin finish peachy color for everyday use. I hate the smell of this, i think it contains too much wax and the only nice thing i can mention is the color.
 I regret buying this...that's why i placed an order on some sleek true color lipsticks  in colors Barely there and Coral reef, that i can't wait to try!

 Here's a swatch in natural day light. Looks pretty, doesn't it?

 Below, on the left is Barry M in shade 147.

 Here it is on my lips in day light, near the window. (Seventeen 200 lipstick) I doesn't even apply smooth and even! Chhhh!
Be back soon with reviews on Sleek true color lipsticks and Slim eye pencil in Taupe and Nyx Cream Blush in shade 'Natural', next weekend or so! ;)
Have a great week!

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