Sunday, April 21, 2013

Elf HD blush in 'Encore'

 This little thing is soooo pigmented!! It was the single color i could choose from the ones available on the romanian elf site and i didn't fail. I think it looks natural and in the end you control the amount!

 I apply it lightly with my fingertips, dotting & blending. That little amount that shows below is enough for one cheek.

 Here i applied more for the purpose of this review.
 This shade is called Encore and it is a hot mauve-pink. I was aiming for a natural looking blush that didn't look like powder on top of the foundation and i noticed that over colorstay foundation is not working well. Here i had on Astor lift me up foundation in 103 - rose beige.
It doesn't give glow or shine. In my opinion it's easy to apply, but it depends very much on the base. Overall i like it and i will order Superstar next.

Hope it's been helpful ;)

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