Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Rocket Volume mascara from MNY

I went to get a new OnebyOne mascara and the sales lady told me about this new one, that had a special lauch-price and i got it. It promises volume instantly, but in my case, all it gives to my small, thin lashes is definition and length and i don't mind, at all! I really like it. The brush is similar in material used, to One by One's, but not in the shape. I don't find it to be hard to use, it's okay, even without the pointy end.
Sorry for the bad pictures!
You cand se my bare lashes in a previous post, about Astor mascara.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Astor Lift me Up foundation 101 Rose beige

I found it in a dm store at a special price and since i felt my skin a little abused by Revlon Colorstay for combination/oily skin, i said i should try it, even if it will be underneath the colorstay, as a primer.
I chose 101 Rose beige, which looks really dark and orangey on the hand and on the face, but only for a few seconds, after that, the color changes and, in this case, it gets lighter and the orange/rose tone goes away, miraculously.

Here is the perfect example of the color fading.
The coverage is light to medium, building it up makes it look streaky. In my case, the coverage is best described as light. The smell is subtle, after a while. It doesn't last long and the finish is dewy, with lots of sparkles :( It's obvious you can't get much hyaluronic acid in this price!
Overall, it's a light foundation, for a quick make-up look, in the weekends, maybe.

Saturday, February 09, 2013

Nivea BB Cream 5in1 Beautifying moisturizer

 I bought it, suspecting it of having a strong scent, on offer that gave away nivea make-up removing towlettes with it and i thought that if i wanted it to try and it won't suit me, i'd still have something to use. But, i was right. Using this BB-cream is like spraying the classic nivea deodorant in your face!
 I chose the LIGHT shade and i would agree with the shade name medium-rose-beige, at least!
 If this looks light to you, call me blind.

Aaand this is my match with Nivea BB-Cream in shade 'light'. Very 'beautifying, huh? :)

I don't like anything about it, in my opinion it's just a tinted moisturizer, without overdoing its job, moisturising, that is! I didn't feel moisturized, at all, and i used olay beauty fluid before it! It didn't blend or cover much, either. The scent fades by time, but i can't imagine who would love this feature of this bb cream.

Hope it was useful,
'Till next time, all the best wishes!

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