Sunday, January 27, 2013

Nivea eyes and lips make-up remover

So this is the make-up remover for eyes and lips from Nivea, (they call it delicate) recommended for women who wear contact lenses. From using it about a week, i can say that they must think that  women who have contact lenses or sensitive eyes don't wear much eye make-up, since this make-up remover does such a crappy job. I take cotton pads and i literally have to rub my eyes and after about 20 seconds the mascara comes off in a big, black, patchy spot all over my eyes area that feels unremovable!! I used One by One mascara and Volumissime from l'oreal, both regular, not waterproof. I can't bear the fight i'm taking every night with this make-up remover. It's not cheap, if you do the math for 200 ml so next time i will come back to the nearest sensi blu pharmacy and buy my 3rd bottle of Vichy purete thermale and won't even consider trying something from a supermaket just for the sake of 1-2 euros. It's not worth it!

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  1. This was super helpful. I have sensitive skin and I wear a lot of eye make up that doesn't always come off properly. I use an eye makeup remover by Lancome; it's awesome, but it was a sample,so I'm looking for something else as soon as it runs out, at least I know what NOT to buy :)



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