Friday, January 18, 2013

Max Factor Mastertouch under-eye concealer

 I couldn't believe my eyes when i twisted the damn thing forever until the product seemed to just disappear in a black hole! At the first use it looked like this, in the picture above and below, like i've been using it for a month or so!
 So it's a small amount of concealer. I got it in no. 306 - fair because 303-ivory wasn't available. The shade swatched on the hand doesn't do it any foundation or concealer, i suppose. The hand has another type of skin that isn't like the one under our eyes so the color may look darker and overly orange or pink, than it truly is. At the first swatch you might think they're so dark for under-eye concealers. So try it under your eyes, over foundation or on bare skin.
I have freckles that colorstay doesn't cover and i always need concealer. Affinitone concealer is slightly more dewy and after powdering my face it kinda looked from another story, i don't set my concealer with powder because it accentuates my under-eye circles and Mastertouch is matte! I like it so far and my only complaint about it would be the quantity, even if it's not expensive. The shade i chose (fair) matches my colorstay 220 for normal/dry skin and it does not look like panda make-up, it blends in beautifully. It probably will match with nude or buff from both ranges of colorstay.  Later edit: I repurchased it in same shade, fair and i also bought Revlon Colorstay in Buff - Normal/Dry and it does not match! It looks darker, matte and accentuates the under-eye area awefully! So i should've bought it in 303 or colorstay in sand beige :(
I will come up with more pictures with Max Factor Mastertouch under-eye concealer in my next posts.

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