Friday, January 18, 2013

FOTN: Burgundy lips and XXL lashes

 I noticed lately my taste in make-up looks is changing/evolving and i can't be nothing but happy.
I start to 'feel' every year that ads to my age and i think diferently when it comes to skin, features...I am changing, i think.
 Every woman's wish is to look awesome on her 20's, great on her 30's and very good on her 40's. When i think about women's decades, in terms of look, i prefer 30's. It may sound weird, coming from me, but if u think about women you know and public figures, actresses, etc, they all look better in their 30's. That's when the features have maximum of feminity, fine lines give them a mature, yet sexy look, the kiddo smile and chubby cheeks are gone, the apples of the cheeks are defined and toned, everything's just better.
 I know a few women in their 30's that i can not take my eyes off them, when i meet with them. I hope my skin will look like that and my eyes will sparkle like that and i'll be one of them.
So, what do you think of burgundy lips?
The lashes are just for the fun of it...


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