Sunday, January 27, 2013

Nivea eyes and lips make-up remover

So this is the make-up remover for eyes and lips from Nivea, (they call it delicate) recommended for women who wear contact lenses. From using it about a week, i can say that they must think that  women who have contact lenses or sensitive eyes don't wear much eye make-up, since this make-up remover does such a crappy job. I take cotton pads and i literally have to rub my eyes and after about 20 seconds the mascara comes off in a big, black, patchy spot all over my eyes area that feels unremovable!! I used One by One mascara and Volumissime from l'oreal, both regular, not waterproof. I can't bear the fight i'm taking every night with this make-up remover. It's not cheap, if you do the math for 200 ml so next time i will come back to the nearest sensi blu pharmacy and buy my 3rd bottle of Vichy purete thermale and won't even consider trying something from a supermaket just for the sake of 1-2 euros. It's not worth it!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

ES Brand 10 Color Ultra Shimmer Eyeshadow Make Up Palette-Sweet

 This is ES Brand 10 Color Ultra Shimmer Eyeshadow Make Up Palette-Sweet from KKCenter Hong Kong and i chose it for the fact it has shimmer and glitter and i can make more spectacular looks for the blog posts.
 Although it doesn't look very intense applied with finger on bare skin, believe me, you can choose the level of shimmery effect depending on how you apply it, from discreet to intense.
 The main advantage on this kit it is the fact that it has all the basic colors and there is a lot of product. Below, you can see how intense it gets if the skin has a bit of 'sticking factor' :)
 The shades are beautiful pastels, so light and airy, the best use, i think it would be using them on top of other eyeshadows, on the center of the upper eye-lid, for maximum effect or in the inner corner of the eye, or even as a night highlighter for the face.
 In these pictures i applied pinks with the applicator in the case, both 'spongey' and the little brush and i made a little mess, but if i use it properly with a damp eyeshadow brush or common applicator BEFORE mascara, etc. (not like i did, here, because i was so eager to try it) would not make any mess. :)
 Doesn't it look pretty? :)
  Overall, i like this eyeshadow palette from KKCenter Hong Kong and i think it's great for the holidays, for spring and summer, for Fairy looks and for creative make-up looks.

I will come up with more pictures in the following posts, wearing the other colors, also.

The coupon code for a discount of 10% off until 31st of January 2013 is, the same:lexy-make-me-pretty, feel free to enter KKCenterHK's website.

Friday, January 18, 2013

FOTN: Burgundy lips and XXL lashes

 I noticed lately my taste in make-up looks is changing/evolving and i can't be nothing but happy.
I start to 'feel' every year that ads to my age and i think diferently when it comes to skin, features...I am changing, i think.
 Every woman's wish is to look awesome on her 20's, great on her 30's and very good on her 40's. When i think about women's decades, in terms of look, i prefer 30's. It may sound weird, coming from me, but if u think about women you know and public figures, actresses, etc, they all look better in their 30's. That's when the features have maximum of feminity, fine lines give them a mature, yet sexy look, the kiddo smile and chubby cheeks are gone, the apples of the cheeks are defined and toned, everything's just better.
 I know a few women in their 30's that i can not take my eyes off them, when i meet with them. I hope my skin will look like that and my eyes will sparkle like that and i'll be one of them.
So, what do you think of burgundy lips?
The lashes are just for the fun of it...

Max Factor Mastertouch under-eye concealer

 I couldn't believe my eyes when i twisted the damn thing forever until the product seemed to just disappear in a black hole! At the first use it looked like this, in the picture above and below, like i've been using it for a month or so!
 So it's a small amount of concealer. I got it in no. 306 - fair because 303-ivory wasn't available. The shade swatched on the hand doesn't do it any foundation or concealer, i suppose. The hand has another type of skin that isn't like the one under our eyes so the color may look darker and overly orange or pink, than it truly is. At the first swatch you might think they're so dark for under-eye concealers. So try it under your eyes, over foundation or on bare skin.
I have freckles that colorstay doesn't cover and i always need concealer. Affinitone concealer is slightly more dewy and after powdering my face it kinda looked from another story, i don't set my concealer with powder because it accentuates my under-eye circles and Mastertouch is matte! I like it so far and my only complaint about it would be the quantity, even if it's not expensive. The shade i chose (fair) matches my colorstay 220 for normal/dry skin and it does not look like panda make-up, it blends in beautifully. It probably will match with nude or buff from both ranges of colorstay.  Later edit: I repurchased it in same shade, fair and i also bought Revlon Colorstay in Buff - Normal/Dry and it does not match! It looks darker, matte and accentuates the under-eye area awefully! So i should've bought it in 303 or colorstay in sand beige :(
I will come up with more pictures with Max Factor Mastertouch under-eye concealer in my next posts.

Friday, January 04, 2013

KKCenterHK coupon code reminder

Don't forget about the coupon code i got for you on until 31st of January 2013!
You get 10% off and they have tons of products, check it out!

The code is: lexy-make-me-pretty


My haircolor is constantly changing because red is hard to keep on anything. I believe it is the most prone to fading pigment in clothes and hair. So, after every wash i can't wait to dry it and see the 'new shade' :)) Well, it's not that quick, but i do wash it daily :( Damn, greasy hair!

In terms of makeup, i know i'm very conservative and i look for natural looks, all the time, no matter what's the occasion. No idea why.

What i have used for this look:

Revlon colorstay 220 Natural beige for normal/dry skin
Maybelline-Affinitone liquid concealer in 02
Rimmel Stay matte powder - warm beige
Astor False Lash Effect mascara, with curved brush (purple one)
Revlon eyeliner - black
Bourjois trio eyeshadow - the browns
Max Factor bronzer - Bronze - i put some in the crease, also, it just makes my eye color more vibrant, i love it!
Revlon Colorburst lipstick - Blush
Miss Sporty eyebrow pencil - brown

Any suggestions for my everyday makeup? ;;)


Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Happy New Year, darling(s)!

Me and Picky just wanted to share with you this wish and a picture of us on the first day of 2013!

Happy New Year with all the best it can bring!

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