Sunday, December 23, 2012

My first 'haul post': Yves Rocher

 All these are meant for Christmas presents for my mother-in-law and her mother.
 Picky was even happier 'cause he got a boooxx! I barely got all the stuff out and he was right in it!
 Picky enjoying his new box...

 He didn't mind, hubby could pack him up, with no resistance :)
 Cat in a box.
 These were the freebies from this order: a set of travel bags, a product of my choice which was the Zero Defaut foundation, a watch and an eye-contour creme. I got all these because i had actually 2 orders, one mine and one of a friend's, in this case, my mother's and that's why i have the travel set, which was meant for the order of the friend. What don't mothers do for they're daughters :)
Merry Christmas, everyone!

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  1. Draguta de ea (pisica). Asa face si al meu :D. Cred ca e mai fericit ca mine atunci cand primesc un colet.


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