Sunday, December 23, 2012

L'Oreal Sublime Mousse 556 haircolor

 I've been dreaming about red hair for months now and i just couldn't decide a certain shade i wanted, so i've been trying a lot these last 6 months, using hair lightener and hair dye at home.
My start colour this time is this, from pic below:
In bright daylight looked like that, but it was, in fact, a medium reddish brown.
I bought the regular, now, Palette hair lightener for 4-6 shades, E20, i think it was and i let it stay for 20 minutes. The result was this:

 At the hair dye stand i spend the most time ever, when i go shopping, it's a real pain in the ass sometimes, because after all the experience i kinda know how a certain shade will end up, knowing my base color and the number of the shade. I was looking for a lighter red, but i was very happy with the result of this L'Oreal Sublime Mousse 556 - passionate mahogany.
 I noticed for the first time a red range from Casting Creme Gloss, but only the sample hair was available to see, no haircolor was left on the shelves. They were beautiful, i must admit.

The haircolor was easy to use for me and my hair wasn't damaged by any of the products. The ends split sooner than usual, maybe and i can't grow my hair longer than i have it now, but that's because i wash it every day, i use the hair straightener and i have lightened it and colored it many, many times this year. So, i have to go for a cut every 2 months.

After 2 weeks my color is this:
(in suppose it's from the lightener that blows my color off)

I couldn't stay that washed out and used Londa - Firey Red 47, which looks like this:
(right after coloring)
Looks more like dark red, burgundy, violet red and i don't feel like i'm on fire at all :(
No idea how i'll turn after a month from now, any suggestions? ;;)


  1. Si eu am fost roscata si mi-e dor de el parca :D Eu am folosit pentru roscat numai vopsea Avon, mi-a placut ca nu curgea la spalare,colora uniform si nu e scumpa deloc. Si ca sa nu uitam de ce suntem aici, iti sta minunat :D

    1. Multumesc...dar mie tot imi place mai mult cum iti statea tie ;)

  2. Uite ca iar ne intalnim...Ce crezi? Vreau sa revin la un roscat sau ciocolatiu, momentan sunt un saten destul de inchis. Te pup!


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