Monday, December 31, 2012

Bright Happy New Year!

 I chose the shades 3 and 5. I can't pull off pink anymore and the shade 5 is too orangey, i wanted a bright, beautiful red and i didn't nail it... but i love the texture and i would wear them all day if i'd pick the right colors for me...for the red me :)
 The nail polish is 93 and i absolutely love it for every day. I have the most horrific nails ever, the break every day, chip off and can't grow them. This nail polish isn't 100% pearly, just the right amount i like and it looks so clean, soft and natural.
Here is me wearing the farmasi lipsticks, which i didn't mention, they're from True Color range, one pic is before going out in the midday fog and the one from the right is after a 30 minutes walk, as my hair can tell! Grr... :) Without flash, you know, the colors are brighter, but the light didn't help me much for a natural shot of me, today.

I wish you all the best that can happen, lots of good things all year round, health, happiness and many accomplishments, lovely people around you and more beauty, if it's possible!

Happy New Year!
An nou fericit!

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