Tuesday, December 25, 2012

All about eyes

 I was looking for mascara and i really love the Astor eyeliner, (the classic one) but i thought i'd give a go to these two that came on offer together. This mascara supposedly gave volume and a false lash effect and the eyeliner is 'pen' style. I've had eyeliners like this, from Avon and they ended up in the trash can after a few tries, just because i couldn't trace a fine, single line, but interrupted and half way! But NOW i know, it has to be stored vertically, otherwise you end up like me. Of course, i forgot to place it like that a couple of times and i had to use a pencil those days, arghh...

 The mascara give more length than volume and the lashes are so fine, long and soft?! They're not stiff and voluminous and i like that. I can say i didn't fail on this one and who knows, i'll probably repurchase it.

 For a more obvious approach let me show you:
Natural lashes ^-^

 Lashes with Astor Big&Beautiful False Lash Look mascara - curved brush.
Later edit: After a month the mascara is fresh, didn't change a bit, i 've used solely, 2-3 coats, every day and i have to say that rarely a mascara is as good after a month in my makeup bag! I am truly amazed by this...

 Another eyeliner i recommend is the pencil from revlon, which isn't pricey and does a great job. After trying the black one i went for a brown, also, since my hair is reddish i think black is looking rather harsh on me.
 Love them.
I love to make my eyes stand out and my complexion, leaving the lips behind. I love bold lips and i think i'll do a change in my routine, soon, because i spend too much time putting make-up in the morning.
Merry Christmas!

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  1. Eu nu m-am inteles cu mascara asta de la Astor. Imi pleosteste genele ingrozitor de tare :D Sta acolo, nefolosita..in schimb tusul si creioanele de la Revlon.. Big love ♥


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