Sunday, December 02, 2012

4 products for a satin face

 I tend to like matte looks, but my skin, which is combination, in a strange way, very dry and oily t-zone, refuses to accept matte, drying products and it looks scary sometimes. I like my foundation to last all day, but when i see my face so dry, i kinda 'listen' to it and go for something lighter, just to get the balance back. I am very aware of my skin status, age and perspective and i would like to be given a much younger age, after 10-15 years from now, also.
 In one of my 'dry episodes' i went for a watery foundation-how i like it to call- the Lumi Magique by L'Oreal, in shade N4, that has no staying power over an oily zone and even with powder it just gives up after 4,5 hours. Too bad... i like the finish, the colours and the texture.
 For powder i chose alverde color&care shimmer powder, which gives as said, a glowy-shimmery finish to the make-up, with no mattifying effect and just a bit of help in holding the foundation on.

For the dull lighting in the winter i like to be more coloured and use a darker foundation or a bronzer. I discovered yesterday an awesome one from Max Factor, surprisingly affordable, which comes in 2 shades: golden and bronze. It has shimmer in it and the Golden one looked full of golden sparkles, perfect for occasions and holidays, but i chose Bronze (pic above). It looks very, very dark, but with a good brush it makes wonders! I was impressed by how even it went on my areas i wanted to contour&bronze. It's such a big difference between flormar bronzer and max factor bronzer. It's smooth and glowy, in a subtle way, though, just perfect for a natural look. Another fact i liked about the max factor bronzer it's the valability of 36 months since opening, isn't that great?

And at last, the blush, the beautiful and shimmery blush i got from kkcenterhk, which illuminates and creates a lifting effect on the cheeks. I don't wear it in the picture below, i wanted to look more natural, as i was about to leave the house for a walk to the mall with my husband.
The whole look is perfect for a weekend day or a short friday at work, but if you don't have oily zones, may be an excellent choice for every day.

Do you like the satin concept for makeup? Let me know what you think!

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