Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Vichy skin care

I bought the make-up remover from Vichy, Purete Thermale, after irritating my eyes badly with another make-up remover. My eyes were tearing for 3 days in a row and i was going crazy, i felt i needed something to stop it at that moment! Since my face moisturiser was running out, i went for the Vichy Aqualia Thermal, too. 
The Purete Thermale make-up remover is divine, it felt like a soothing liquid, instantly! My tears stopped and i felt released from suffering :)) It has the PH of tears and that's why it's highly recommended. I never had a make-up remover this good, mostly because i didn't give much importance and a big mistake i made! Eyes are so important, skin around eyes is very important and i have signs of bad make-up removing procedures, since ages. At the end of my eyes i have 2 red lines, i cand barely cover 100%. The skin is so thin there and the make-up doesn't stick to it. Now i know...

The Aqualia Thermal moisturiser is a good one, also, but i don't think that i will buy it again. I don't enjoy the perfume in it, although the beauty adviser from Sensiblu said it's not noticeable, believe me, even my stuffed-nose-hubby felt it! It's not a bad scent, but i don't like it. I think i'll go for Eucerin, next time, although i don't know how it smells like. I thought it would make a difference moisturising wise, but aqualia does the same job as my regular olay ones, minus the parabens :D This was another reason for choosing vichy. I am trying to avoid parabens as much as possible.

Do you know a good, similar moisturiser? Have you tried Eucerin Aquaporin Rich?

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