Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sephora brightening and hydrating foundation

I got this sample at Sephora, obviously and i think i can make a mini review about their new Brightening and Hydrating foundation. The shades that are included in this sample are clair/light 20 and medium 30.

It was such a small amount, that i had to use it all - 2 samples!! and still i could've used more :) Each sample had 0.18 g/0.006 oz of  foundation in 2 shades :)

Although medium 30 is pretty dark, i used it as the first layer and the light 20 on top, on the T-Zone.
On me, it gave a luminous and dewy finish, i believe it has medium coverage and what i liked about it was the fact that freckled complexions (like me)  are advantaged with this foundation, because it lets the skin show in a special way. It is light difusing and that helps covering in a natural manner. I could feel that the foundation doesn't slide, but clings to the skin nicely, without the 'tight' sensation.
 It was the first foundation that didn't bothered my need of coverage, full coverage, that is.
 My fear about using this kind of foundations - that don't yell at you 'For mature skin only' is giving me second thoughts about buying the full size, mainly because i don't wanna get a chin full of pimples caused by the hyaluronic acid in it. It happened before with the L'oreal Visible lift and Bourjois - healthy mix (even if it doesn't have h.a., but it's hydrating).

I have to say, in the pics it looks great, in real life, it made my skin greasier and after 3 hours it began to look a bit unpleasant. I didn't use powder, to test it at the max, maybe it would make a perfect look with a smooth transluscent powder, but still, for combination skin and oily skin, i don't think it's a great choice, only occasionally, when the skin feels tight and aggressed by cold weather, like i feel from time to time.
The shades, in my opinion were ok, the medium 30 - yellow toned and the light 20 (cream) pretty neutral and suited me best.
I find it odd for a foundation to weigh 20 ml, but for me would be great, because i would probably use it all, unlike many foundations i have.

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