Saturday, November 10, 2012

Balea products i love

Balea handcream for very dry skin with urea, Balea body lotion with urea, Balea peeling gel for face, Balea make-up remover Ultra Sensitive and Balea Soft&Clear washing scrub with zync and salicylic acid.

I have no idea how i got to get together so many Balea products, but i didn't fail with any of these!
I love them all and i think they make a great alternative for nivea, garnier and even l'oreal care products. Let me tell you why.
1. Balea handcream for very dry skin
    It comes in a handy squeezy tube,which contains 100 ml of product and it has a great price. Most of hand creams have 75 ml and they are more expensive with no reason, in terms of benefits. I am so difficult when it comes to smell of any care product! One reason is that i have a nasty allergy that makes me that way and another reason is that i don't like strong smells with sour tints, how i call them, don't know if you get me. :) That strong fruity and stingy smell, that hits your nose, because it smells good from up close and in the air, well, it stinks. Do you have any idea of what i mean? :))
Getting back to this little friend i get with me everywhere i go, in my bag, it smells so fine, feminin and delicate. Just how i like it. It does a great job at moisturising my hard chaped hands and gets into the skin fast, it doesn't leave you sticky, by any chance.
2. Balea body lotion with urea, same range, i bought them at once.
    This one is a biggie, 400 ml, great price and it's perfect, since i don't like Garnier, Nivea or Dove body milks ( :) ) It's so smooth and soft, moisturizes deeply and again, the smell is so delicate. The scent doesn't compete with your perfume, that's how i would best describe the feature i like in body care products. You can only feel it from close, in a pleasant way.
3. Balea make-up remover, Balea med range, for sensitive skin, with no perfume, preservatives or parabens. This stuff is great for me, i have combination skin and when i come home i take off my makeup and i don't feel greasy or dirty, although the makeup remover is nourishing and pretty thick. I don't know, i just love it and i feel that it relaxes my skin, makes it more suple and takes eveything off. I has no chemical smell, lasts pretty long, i use it down my neck, too and it got me a whole month or more. I used it on my eyes and it's ok.
4. Balea peeling scrub with blue particles.
This was so good when i felt like my face wash wasn't doing enough and i was glad i found an alternative that didn't make me sneeze and scrubbed everything off, giving me that great feeling of clean pores and squeaky face :)
5. Balea face peeling gel with zync and salicylic acid.
I think this is my favourite face cleaner of all times! It's creamy, cleans everything, it scrubs off the dead cells and makeup residues, after rinsing the skin doesn't feel tight or dry, but soft and it glows! I didn't think this was possible. It comes in 150 ml tube, like most of face cleaning products and the price is so cheap! Maybe half of garnier and cheaper that Clean&Clear! I love it for what i does and i would pay for it more than 200%.

I hate it when i buy this kind of products and i'm stuck for months using them, despite the fact i don't like them much. I hope you find this useful and maybe you will love these Balea products as much as i do!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Clar o sa imi cumpar lotiunea pentru corp. De fapt, eram in cautarea uneia, ma orientasem catre Garnier ... :| dar o s-o iau pe asta. Recent, am cumparat tot de la Balea un ser pentru hidratare si mi se pare chiar foarte bun. De ce nu m-oi fi gandit eu mai repede sa incerc produsele lor, habar n-am...

  2. Eu stiu de ce nu am cumparat mai devreme unele produse: pentru ca nu toate magazinele DM au o gama mare Balea si acum am fost la un DM din Galeria Real si asa mi-am dat seama ca fata de cel pe care il frecventam, acesta avea mult mai multe! :) Sper sa iti placa! :*


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