Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sephora brightening and hydrating foundation

I got this sample at Sephora, obviously and i think i can make a mini review about their new Brightening and Hydrating foundation. The shades that are included in this sample are clair/light 20 and medium 30.

It was such a small amount, that i had to use it all - 2 samples!! and still i could've used more :) Each sample had 0.18 g/0.006 oz of  foundation in 2 shades :)

Although medium 30 is pretty dark, i used it as the first layer and the light 20 on top, on the T-Zone.
On me, it gave a luminous and dewy finish, i believe it has medium coverage and what i liked about it was the fact that freckled complexions (like me)  are advantaged with this foundation, because it lets the skin show in a special way. It is light difusing and that helps covering in a natural manner. I could feel that the foundation doesn't slide, but clings to the skin nicely, without the 'tight' sensation.
 It was the first foundation that didn't bothered my need of coverage, full coverage, that is.
 My fear about using this kind of foundations - that don't yell at you 'For mature skin only' is giving me second thoughts about buying the full size, mainly because i don't wanna get a chin full of pimples caused by the hyaluronic acid in it. It happened before with the L'oreal Visible lift and Bourjois - healthy mix (even if it doesn't have h.a., but it's hydrating).

I have to say, in the pics it looks great, in real life, it made my skin greasier and after 3 hours it began to look a bit unpleasant. I didn't use powder, to test it at the max, maybe it would make a perfect look with a smooth transluscent powder, but still, for combination skin and oily skin, i don't think it's a great choice, only occasionally, when the skin feels tight and aggressed by cold weather, like i feel from time to time.
The shades, in my opinion were ok, the medium 30 - yellow toned and the light 20 (cream) pretty neutral and suited me best.
I find it odd for a foundation to weigh 20 ml, but for me would be great, because i would probably use it all, unlike many foundations i have.

Saturday, November 24, 2012


 Tonight i am going to celebrate my friend's birthday and we're going out for a drink, so i tried my best to look good and more than this, a better then usual Alex. :)

As expected, i went for neutrals again...surprise! :))
 I love the alverde lipstick, shade 26, so far, i added barry m - peachy pink 147-  on top of it for a bit of color.
 I've used meilin 3D shining blusher and the Cava brown gel eyeliner, of course, they entered my routine.

Other products i used are Revlon colorstay in 250  fresh beige - very dark, i know! Trio eyeshadow from Bourjois, revlon eyeliner - black, Rimmel Extra Lash, Seventeen eyebrow pencil, Elf Stipple brush and Rimmel Stay matte powder.

Friday, November 23, 2012

KKCenterHK blusher and gel eyeliner

After, testing the eyeshadow quad last month, I was lucky again to receive another 2 products to try out: a  3D shining blush in 4 shades from Meilin and a brown gel eyeliner from Sava thanks to KKCenterHK.
  The blush has a highlighter and 3 tones of blush: pink, mauve and coral. All 4 of them are soft and so easy to blend. I like the fact that gives me a glow! I wanted for such a long time to have a blush like this! The colors aren't super pigmented, so it's great for beginners and anyone else, since it's no trouble putting it on.You don't have to worry about lighting or taking chances to turn out looking like a clown.
 It comes with a mirror and a brush.

 This is the gel eyeliner, you can find it here:
 This one comes, also with a tool, a small brush, that's perfect for tracing a fine line or a thick one, as you wish.

 In these pictures i used the flash, it's the only way i can show you the true color of the eyeliner. In natural day light it's darker, almost black. I even used it on my eyebrows and it looks amazing :)
 This is my first time with this kind of product and applicator and i didn't expect it to be this easy! It just glides smoothly, in one stroke! The applicator is perfect for it's purpose.
 Here, i have on the mattest foundation i ever had, Max Factor All Day Flawless 3in1, shade Sand, so you can see how the blush truly shines and gives that beautiful glow, i wanted so much!
 I like the fact that i can contour my cheekbones, using 2 colors on brush at the same time and applying it in one stroke, blusher and highlighter. The brush is big enough to do this.

What do you think?

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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Vichy skin care

I bought the make-up remover from Vichy, Purete Thermale, after irritating my eyes badly with another make-up remover. My eyes were tearing for 3 days in a row and i was going crazy, i felt i needed something to stop it at that moment! Since my face moisturiser was running out, i went for the Vichy Aqualia Thermal, too. 
The Purete Thermale make-up remover is divine, it felt like a soothing liquid, instantly! My tears stopped and i felt released from suffering :)) It has the PH of tears and that's why it's highly recommended. I never had a make-up remover this good, mostly because i didn't give much importance and a big mistake i made! Eyes are so important, skin around eyes is very important and i have signs of bad make-up removing procedures, since ages. At the end of my eyes i have 2 red lines, i cand barely cover 100%. The skin is so thin there and the make-up doesn't stick to it. Now i know...

The Aqualia Thermal moisturiser is a good one, also, but i don't think that i will buy it again. I don't enjoy the perfume in it, although the beauty adviser from Sensiblu said it's not noticeable, believe me, even my stuffed-nose-hubby felt it! It's not a bad scent, but i don't like it. I think i'll go for Eucerin, next time, although i don't know how it smells like. I thought it would make a difference moisturising wise, but aqualia does the same job as my regular olay ones, minus the parabens :D This was another reason for choosing vichy. I am trying to avoid parabens as much as possible.

Do you know a good, similar moisturiser? Have you tried Eucerin Aquaporin Rich?

Yes to Carrots color balm

This is a lip balm i have bought recently from a Sephora store, in color Rosy Bloom. It says it is 99% natural, made in USA and its valability is 36 months from opening. Isn't a little too hard to believe? :P
It contains Ricinus Communis Seed oil, beeswax, sunflower seed oil, jojoba seed oil, olive (fruit) oil, cocoa seed butter, carnauba wax, carrot (root) extract and some chemicals. The stick has 3.3 g or 0.11 oz of product and it's like a smooth wax on the lips, very protecting and smoothing. The smell is not definite, almost you can feel it. Color wise, this one is pretty reddish and does make the lips more vibrant in a natural way. Yes to carrots comes in a selection of tinted lip balms and plain lip balms, colorless (at half the price). It also lasts pretty well on the lips.
I'm sorry i don't post my lips wearing the reviewed product, but this occurs because i have the most un-simetric set of lips, ever! I don't like how the pictures turn out so i rather show you a swatch on my hand.
For the winter cold and freezing wind, i think this 'yes to carrots' fella' will be a great aid.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Hermes, i love you

No, i'm not ckoo-ckoo...yet. I mean by Hermes, the perfumes, not the bags or the scarves! I love them so much, especially Eau de Merveilles and Voyage D'Hermes, which is relatively new. I discovered it recently and it's such a tricky perfume that it makes me hesitate. At first it smells weird and after half an hour literally transforms into an awesome scent that makes you dizzy. It's both for men and women, so it's very questionable. I like the clear one, eau de toilette.
This is my recommendation for getting your senses high!

Tell me what you think,

Monday, November 12, 2012


Because i was complemented in a mall store about my makeup and my eyes, especially, i want to share with you my trick with colors. You might noticed that i like browns more than anything and i use them every time aaand since i received the MAC kit i started to have a crush on those pinks, purples...they're so beautiful!

So, i apply a beige base, i put brown in the crease, blended well with the beige and then i use a touch of pink or purple i feel like wearing. This way i don't hate the strong purple and i don't feel 'painted' or too dull with all the brown.

This is what i used:

What do you do to have a piercing look? :)

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Balea products i love

Balea handcream for very dry skin with urea, Balea body lotion with urea, Balea peeling gel for face, Balea make-up remover Ultra Sensitive and Balea Soft&Clear washing scrub with zync and salicylic acid.

I have no idea how i got to get together so many Balea products, but i didn't fail with any of these!
I love them all and i think they make a great alternative for nivea, garnier and even l'oreal care products. Let me tell you why.
1. Balea handcream for very dry skin
    It comes in a handy squeezy tube,which contains 100 ml of product and it has a great price. Most of hand creams have 75 ml and they are more expensive with no reason, in terms of benefits. I am so difficult when it comes to smell of any care product! One reason is that i have a nasty allergy that makes me that way and another reason is that i don't like strong smells with sour tints, how i call them, don't know if you get me. :) That strong fruity and stingy smell, that hits your nose, because it smells good from up close and in the air, well, it stinks. Do you have any idea of what i mean? :))
Getting back to this little friend i get with me everywhere i go, in my bag, it smells so fine, feminin and delicate. Just how i like it. It does a great job at moisturising my hard chaped hands and gets into the skin fast, it doesn't leave you sticky, by any chance.
2. Balea body lotion with urea, same range, i bought them at once.
    This one is a biggie, 400 ml, great price and it's perfect, since i don't like Garnier, Nivea or Dove body milks ( :) ) It's so smooth and soft, moisturizes deeply and again, the smell is so delicate. The scent doesn't compete with your perfume, that's how i would best describe the feature i like in body care products. You can only feel it from close, in a pleasant way.
3. Balea make-up remover, Balea med range, for sensitive skin, with no perfume, preservatives or parabens. This stuff is great for me, i have combination skin and when i come home i take off my makeup and i don't feel greasy or dirty, although the makeup remover is nourishing and pretty thick. I don't know, i just love it and i feel that it relaxes my skin, makes it more suple and takes eveything off. I has no chemical smell, lasts pretty long, i use it down my neck, too and it got me a whole month or more. I used it on my eyes and it's ok.
4. Balea peeling scrub with blue particles.
This was so good when i felt like my face wash wasn't doing enough and i was glad i found an alternative that didn't make me sneeze and scrubbed everything off, giving me that great feeling of clean pores and squeaky face :)
5. Balea face peeling gel with zync and salicylic acid.
I think this is my favourite face cleaner of all times! It's creamy, cleans everything, it scrubs off the dead cells and makeup residues, after rinsing the skin doesn't feel tight or dry, but soft and it glows! I didn't think this was possible. It comes in 150 ml tube, like most of face cleaning products and the price is so cheap! Maybe half of garnier and cheaper that Clean&Clear! I love it for what i does and i would pay for it more than 200%.

I hate it when i buy this kind of products and i'm stuck for months using them, despite the fact i don't like them much. I hope you find this useful and maybe you will love these Balea products as much as i do!

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

November wedding

 I attended a wedding last weekend and this was my choice of make-up. I rarely use colors and strong eyeshadow, but this time i went out of my comfort zone and did something, all i know is that i didn't feel ok with this look. :)
 Looking at the pictures i like the way i looked, but at the reception i wasn't happy about my make-up.
I used a MAC kit, named 'Look in a Box' - Miss Violet, that looks like this:

What do you think?

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