Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Kallos professional hair color

A friend of mine told me about this hair dye and i thought i'd give it a shot...after all i have tried this summer it wouldn't make a difference :) I chose the color from a catalog and got (cheap) a 100 ml tube of color and 2 developers (9% or 30 vol.). The directions say 1:1.5, so i have left a 1/2 of the second developer for the next time.
The colour i'm sighing about is that light copper red, i just love it and i'll get it, someday! :-<
But not this time, although the shade i chose is named 'intense light copper blonde=77 44l' and i was so confident it would turn out so nice...but, neaaah...

This is my hair before, now that i look at it it looked okay and it had a nice brownish color, but i was so washed out that i felt the need of coloring myself a bit.

 The horror!! At some point i was wishing for someone to help me, after hundreds of times when i self-coloured my hair, it was a little nightmare, i admit. The amount was too much, i should've bought the 60 ml tube and not take the saleswoman's advice. I looked like bloody Medusa!

 And ta-daah...this is how it turned out, i really hope it will wash away and eventually, get a hint of that promised copper :))

 Later edit:  The color washes out like crazy, i shampooed once, the water was orange-red, i shamppooed again, the color kept on running off, i literally dried my hair from shamppooing it, just to see how much can the color go off!! I think it's horrible and although the pillow wasn't red, the towel and the water were heavily coloured and at the second wash, same story! I can see on my hair parts of washed out color! I will never buy Kallos hairdye again! Too bad... 
The only color i can now fix it with it's dark something and i went for black mahogany from Pallette (another permanent haircolor that washes off in time) At least it's not black...

 I have, i believe the first time this year, new hair!! I was so worried that besides hair loss, bad treatments and abbusive coloring from the past months, my hair wouldn't respond to any treatment i took (internally or externally) and what made this miracle is this little box with green pills that smell like dog food.
The box contains 40 pills for 40 days and i'm thinking about taking another one. I took Zinc suplements, also, but not simultanously and Aspasia has it, too but i think i need more!

Who likes red hair?


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