Sunday, October 14, 2012

JoJo Eyeshadow Quad from KKCenter Hong Kong

Hello, girls!

Today i want to present to you an eyeshadow quad that i was sent for testing from KKCenterHK.
The item i have is called Jojo Make-up colors and the number i chose is 03 and you can buy it from here with a special discount of 10% using the unique coupon code  lexy-make-me-pretty available until 31 january 2013.

This is how it looks like, it was packed with care and you cand see all the shipping details here.

 The Jojo Make-up Colors eyeshadow come in 4 beautiful, complementary shades with 2 small and handy applicators that i thought they were so easy to use, especially under the eye area, you can do a great defyning line because they're so thin on the side.
 This is how they look like in broad daylight with no flash.
 And here they are swatched on my pale hand, same day, same conditions. What do you think?
I was pleasantly surprised, really, it was so easy to do this swatch, one thin stroke and they look so pigmented and smooth.

 I've used the Jojo Make-up Colors eyeshadow quad for a week now and here are some photos of me wearing it in different lighting.

clear, day light.

 with flash

 no flash, on a cloudy day :)

    I think it makes my eyecolor pop and i will use this eyeshadow every day, because, although i wasn't a big eyeshadow fan and i don't have much experience with them, they are so easy to use and the effect is great!

What i liked about the Jojo eyeshadow:

-it's highly pigmented
-easy to set
-doesn't shake off on your face
-long lasting
-love the shimmer
-the price is friendly
-they come safe and fast
-worked well with any brush/applicator, like magic, i had my makeup done in seconds.

I couldn't find any 'cons' really, i am pleased with it and i recommend this brand.

You can find out more about this brand and provider, KKCenterHK at the following addresses:
Website & online shop: 
Facebook page
Blogspot address

If you want this kind of eyeshadow or any other products from KKCenter HK don't forget about the coupon code and feel free to browse the website, i, personally, am looking forward to order this 10 pair set of eyelashes with transparent stem .

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