Monday, October 15, 2012

In the nude

 I received this nail polish from a friend and i thought i'd share with you some things about it. As you can first see it's from L'Oreal and the range it's called like the lipsticks, Color Riche and i got it in no. 107 which is a dark pinky nude.

This is how the brush of Color Riche nailpolish looks like, broad at the end and thin on the side.

 It came perfectly on time to match my new order gift from Yves Rocher, their new moisturing lipstick in color 'beige' that i love so far.
 It's so creamy, wears beautifully and doesn't dry your lips. The shade is from the 'brown' family, but with a pink tone and the color of your complexion influences the color. I'm pretty light and looks good on me (i think) but it would work even better on a medium toned skin.

                                                                       (dork face)

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