Friday, October 19, 2012

Max Factor Facefinity All Day Flawless 3in1 Foundation

 This is the new promoted foundation from Max Factor and it has a pretty looong name: Facefinity All day flawless 3 in 1 foundation, 3in1 meaning primer, concealer and foundation!
Pretty big promise, huh? Yeah...
I chose the color Sand 60.
 Natural 50 and Rose Beige 65 were pink toned and Warm Almond seemed too light and yellow for me. This i think it's the best choice from the 5 shades i saw available at the DM store. The 5th one is Beige 55, that would probably work on me, as well, maybe better since it's not that yellow toned. Next time, if i like it that much.

 Natural light, sunny day, with no concealer or powder, this is how it looked like:

With flash, same day.
 In direct sunlight
 Overall impression :)
I was so happy when i took a sniff while swatching it on the hand and i noticed that they didn't use any scents! That's the main reason i didn't buy Max Factor foundations, since only lasting performance, second skin and this newbie here have no smell, except that specific, chemical one. :)
Another thing i noticed was the missing of the ingredient list! Where is it? It only had a transparent foil over it. I wanted to see if it's water based and i have nowhere to look for it.
It gives a matte finish, but it's luminous at the same time, it dries fast, like a car hitting the brake :) that's the feeling i got, at least. I find it hard to blend for a newbie. About the pump i can say that it releases just the right amount, in my opinion, not too much, not too little and it's creamy, not runny like Aerateint from Vichy. The coverage is medium to full i can say, it covers well my freckles (i have them on the forehead and under the eyes). So far, i like it and as it says on the packaging it has SPF 20. I have combination skin and i think it has that  staying power i need. We'll see when i'll come back with a later edit.
Later edit: The foundation stays the same, but i had sunglasses on, it's pretty hot outside today, at noon and they made 2 'holes' in the foundation :) Maybe with powder it wouldn't have taken off...all of it! I tried retouching in the missing spots and it doesn't melt, sink or integrate at all! it's obviously uneven and patchy, so once gone, can't be replaced, so don't touch up! :(                   It has an amazing staying power! I didn't want to make this comment before i was sure of it. Today i wore it again and i have it for over 10hours now and i don't have a shiny spot on my face! I can see from very close, that on my nose i have some small dots of oil, but they're not so noticeable, it doesn't bother me at all and i have no powder on top!! I can say it's the first foundation that resists my oiliness, even better than Revlon Colorstay! Amazing or what?

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Kallos professional hair color

A friend of mine told me about this hair dye and i thought i'd give it a shot...after all i have tried this summer it wouldn't make a difference :) I chose the color from a catalog and got (cheap) a 100 ml tube of color and 2 developers (9% or 30 vol.). The directions say 1:1.5, so i have left a 1/2 of the second developer for the next time.
The colour i'm sighing about is that light copper red, i just love it and i'll get it, someday! :-<
But not this time, although the shade i chose is named 'intense light copper blonde=77 44l' and i was so confident it would turn out so nice...but, neaaah...

This is my hair before, now that i look at it it looked okay and it had a nice brownish color, but i was so washed out that i felt the need of coloring myself a bit.

 The horror!! At some point i was wishing for someone to help me, after hundreds of times when i self-coloured my hair, it was a little nightmare, i admit. The amount was too much, i should've bought the 60 ml tube and not take the saleswoman's advice. I looked like bloody Medusa!

 And ta-daah...this is how it turned out, i really hope it will wash away and eventually, get a hint of that promised copper :))

 Later edit:  The color washes out like crazy, i shampooed once, the water was orange-red, i shamppooed again, the color kept on running off, i literally dried my hair from shamppooing it, just to see how much can the color go off!! I think it's horrible and although the pillow wasn't red, the towel and the water were heavily coloured and at the second wash, same story! I can see on my hair parts of washed out color! I will never buy Kallos hairdye again! Too bad... 
The only color i can now fix it with it's dark something and i went for black mahogany from Pallette (another permanent haircolor that washes off in time) At least it's not black...

 I have, i believe the first time this year, new hair!! I was so worried that besides hair loss, bad treatments and abbusive coloring from the past months, my hair wouldn't respond to any treatment i took (internally or externally) and what made this miracle is this little box with green pills that smell like dog food.
The box contains 40 pills for 40 days and i'm thinking about taking another one. I took Zinc suplements, also, but not simultanously and Aspasia has it, too but i think i need more!

Who likes red hair?

Monday, October 15, 2012

In the nude

 I received this nail polish from a friend and i thought i'd share with you some things about it. As you can first see it's from L'Oreal and the range it's called like the lipsticks, Color Riche and i got it in no. 107 which is a dark pinky nude.

This is how the brush of Color Riche nailpolish looks like, broad at the end and thin on the side.

 It came perfectly on time to match my new order gift from Yves Rocher, their new moisturing lipstick in color 'beige' that i love so far.
 It's so creamy, wears beautifully and doesn't dry your lips. The shade is from the 'brown' family, but with a pink tone and the color of your complexion influences the color. I'm pretty light and looks good on me (i think) but it would work even better on a medium toned skin.

                                                                       (dork face)

Love to hear from you!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

JoJo Eyeshadow Quad from KKCenter Hong Kong

Hello, girls!

Today i want to present to you an eyeshadow quad that i was sent for testing from KKCenterHK.
The item i have is called Jojo Make-up colors and the number i chose is 03 and you can buy it from here with a special discount of 10% using the unique coupon code  lexy-make-me-pretty available until 31 january 2013.

This is how it looks like, it was packed with care and you cand see all the shipping details here.

 The Jojo Make-up Colors eyeshadow come in 4 beautiful, complementary shades with 2 small and handy applicators that i thought they were so easy to use, especially under the eye area, you can do a great defyning line because they're so thin on the side.
 This is how they look like in broad daylight with no flash.
 And here they are swatched on my pale hand, same day, same conditions. What do you think?
I was pleasantly surprised, really, it was so easy to do this swatch, one thin stroke and they look so pigmented and smooth.

 I've used the Jojo Make-up Colors eyeshadow quad for a week now and here are some photos of me wearing it in different lighting.

clear, day light.

 with flash

 no flash, on a cloudy day :)

    I think it makes my eyecolor pop and i will use this eyeshadow every day, because, although i wasn't a big eyeshadow fan and i don't have much experience with them, they are so easy to use and the effect is great!

What i liked about the Jojo eyeshadow:

-it's highly pigmented
-easy to set
-doesn't shake off on your face
-long lasting
-love the shimmer
-the price is friendly
-they come safe and fast
-worked well with any brush/applicator, like magic, i had my makeup done in seconds.

I couldn't find any 'cons' really, i am pleased with it and i recommend this brand.

You can find out more about this brand and provider, KKCenterHK at the following addresses:
Website & online shop: 
Facebook page
Blogspot address

If you want this kind of eyeshadow or any other products from KKCenter HK don't forget about the coupon code and feel free to browse the website, i, personally, am looking forward to order this 10 pair set of eyelashes with transparent stem .

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Balea tinted hair conditioner - brown

 I was thinking about giving a break to hair mask and go for something lighter, like a conditioner. I went to my nearest dm store and saw the Balea conditioner for brown hair, natural or dyed.
 It looks like a bad selftanner and it can stain your hands in the shower if you have really dry skin, but it washes away. Put it in your hair just like a regular conditioner and let it soke for a minute or two. The effect is immediat. As you can see from the pictures of my hair i have it dyed medium/dark brown and the copper-red reflexes are from this conditioner. It makes my hair smooth and silky just like it's suppose to, but it also gives a nice shimmery tint to it. The smell is vanilla ...something, in my opinion, not very heavy.
Do you like it?

Sunday, October 07, 2012

FOTD with vichy foundations

 I finally got to try the Vichy Normateint and Aerateint foundations, i have the shades 25 Nude and 23 Clair Ivory and both are so yellow, orange even (normateint) and i'm so upset!
The nude 25 of Normateint is horror dark for any light/medium complexion, i don't even see why they even named the shade Nude ?!!? It's medium/dark and on the orange side!

 Anyway, for a night out i made it work...normateint all over the face really worked up and evenly spread with much care and then to enlighten a bit my face i used the aerateint under the eyes, middle of forehead and sides of the mouth....but i looked so fired up :)) i can't go out in daylight wearing these!
The blush from miss sporty looked dark on the foundation :) and it's such a pretty light pink, that i had to put some on my eyelids also ;)) it's so cute!
For lipstick i went for the Revlon colorburst in Blush.
I may look ok in the photos...but it's been my first and last experience with vichy foundations. :)

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