Saturday, September 22, 2012


 These are the products that expired recently and i had to throw, today.

Yves Rocher Dragee Lipstick - matte, hot, dark pink. Nice, but the smell bothered me.

 Revlon Super Lustrous, although it says it's Pearl, looks matte to me with a bit of glow, really weak.
Loved it, but didn't use it all :(

 NYX Round lipstick in B52. Used barely. I thought it was lighter coloured and it's pretty dark, brick-red, didn't suited me, i think...

 For some reason i kept on buying Affinitone foundation over these 4 years since i first used it...this was Golden beige, although my favorite shade is Natural Rose.
 Nivea volume gloss...this is great. Looks better than many glosses and lasts long time, i almost ended this product.

 Yves Rocher eyeliner. This is a dark brown, really good, beautiful shade, but for some reason made my eyes tear, randomly through the day and i couldn't use it as much as i wanted.

 Anddd, what i opened today is another lipstick, also from Yves Rocher. This was a present for an order.I had it for a while and i was waiting to give it away to someone who has no cosmetic allergies, but here i also has a smell that i don't particulary, like, but no sneezing yet. It's creamy and hydrating, but the says Rose Damasc...looks pink, but on my lips is so similar to Creme Brule, Revlon...weird, huh?

Hopefully, next time i throw products that aren't almost full :(
I'm sure you had to do this, too...that's a clear thing about what we buy and don't need :)

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