Saturday, September 15, 2012

Rimmel Scandal'Eyes Show Off mascara

Here's again another Rimmel mascara launch at a special price i couldn't resist, just because i like Extra Wow and Extra Super Lash very, very much and this new one, Scandal'Eyes Show Off - Purple, has the same, but still. I wish i wasn't so curious and bought my regular, the Wow one with the british flag on it.
Here are some pictures that 'speak' for me.

 Yeah, you may say 'the lashes look ok' and 'that's fine' but let me tell you what a crappy mascara this one is. Firstly, the mascara itself, is so crap that doesn't do much for the lashes and more than that, it ends up on your undereye area super dry, in a million black dots!!
 The texture is dry, this is the best decribing word for it, dry!That's the feeling while using it and that's what you get. A dry, thin, non-flatering coat of crap on your lashes. I looked especially for one that was completely sealed so it hasn't been 'tested' in the shop, that's just the way it seems to be...a 6 month opened mascara you forgot to use.

 The brush is no wonder, either, to be frank. It is ok, i have no complaints about it, maybe because i'm used to do my lashes with about anything you'd gave me. The round end, supposedly lifts the lashes, fact i can't confirm, it just helps you grab the end-eye lashes better, no lifting!
I wouldn't and i won't ever buy this mascara and i am truly disappointed by this, since i love the wow and extra super lash and sexy curves i liked,, Rimmel London, you did a show off of one falling star.


  1. Ma bucur ca nu sunt singura in aceasta situatie. E numa' bun de aruncat acest rimel...

  2. Imi pare rau ca ai cazut si tu 'victima'... Bine ar fi daca am putea ramane la ce ne place si n-am mai fi curioase :)


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