Sunday, September 16, 2012

FOTD, my 1st FOTD

I just realised i've never done such posts like FOTD, OOTD, NOTD etc. and i'd thought i should start today with my first Face of the Day.
 Natural lighting, please excuse my frowning. :)
 Products used:
Revlon colorstay - Fresh beige (normal/dry) and MNY Affinitone concealer 03 Sand.
 Elf blush.
 Didn't think i'll hit the pan soon...but, yay! You can so easily go overboard with this blush, u-huu!
 My HG mascara, Rimmel Extra Super Lash with the straight brush.

 Zooming my lashes with this mascara, eh? Not bad, i'd say.
Eyeshadows: my douglas kit. The brown from the left/middle.

 My horrible looking eyeliner, the miss sporty pencil in Magic (black one) and my eyebrow pencil from Seventeen in almond.

 Yves Rocher couleurs nature lipstick with lots and lots of sparkles and a nice smell. A pretty pink with glossy peachy sheen.

 My view that inspired me today, for this post. Hope you had a sunny day, also.

Aaaand, of course i forgot to show you 2 products i used and are obviously present on my face.
One is the eyeliner i love and used for the past 3 or 4 years, the Astor waterproof black liner (i know it looks horrible :) ) and the other is the L'Oreal Color Appeal Platinum eyeshadow in a gold color...
 ...with Picky in the background, snoozing his first autumn weekend away.
Hugs, from my Picky&me! :)


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