Friday, September 07, 2012

Favourite eyebrow shapers

 Today i want to share with you my product choice for my eyebrows which are the Seventeen eye pencils, i have the shades: 'real brown' and 'almond'. The last one i just bought because of my current hair color.
About my eyebrows, i can say i have a tattoo which i did almost 5 years ago with a brown pigment and what has left of it, doesn't affect much the color of the pencil i use. I can cover 100% my tattoo.

Another eyebrow liner i have is from miss sporty, i liked the chocolate brown color, but i don't use it much and i'll tell you why. The seventeen ones mention the word 'longstay' on them and that's a fact!
I have combination skin, my eyebrow area, since i don't have lots of hair in my eyebrows, gets really oily in the second half of the day, even with powder under the liner. The seventeen pencils do the job and keep that area cool, matte and delay the oiliness much more than any other pencils i tried, here's included miss sporty, manhattan, etc.
There are more shades, from hazelnut for blondes to soft black for brunettes and the price makes them top choice, also. I am using this brand for shaping my eyebrows for 4 years now and i wouldn't change it. There are so easy to use, last a bunch of time, they aren't smudgy or too soft, they have good color pigments and the cap brush is really helpful.

Here's a look of my newest eyebrow pencil, in 'almond', no. 08. Isn't a perfect match for my hair and everything? :)

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