Sunday, September 16, 2012

Balea Med Ultra sensitive Q10 day moisturiser

 Because fall is knocking at the door, my allergies seem to join and make my days miserable. I have some sort of weird allergy to some cosmetic components (that i don't know) that make wanna climb the walls when that happens. So, after using Olay moisturisers for 2 years now, i thought i'd change it and went for this one. Balea MED, ULTRASENSITIVE, spf 15, with Q10, anti-wrinkle, allergy tested day cream. That sounds more than great for its price, doesn't it? Well, although it continues the 'brag' by mentioning on the packaging that has no: perfume, preservatives and colouring chemicals, it has a funny, stinging smell that i hate and that, OF COURSE, tickles my allergic nose like hell!

It is pretty greasy, a white, thick paste that glides super smooth and gives a nice glow...but makes your foundation 'practice' some 'ice-skating' on your face! So, another bad thing about this, it's the fact that it's not a good makeup base, at all! I have combination skin, mostly dry even and this makes my Revlon colorstay shift! when i put it on. It's a moisturiser nightmare, since it's suppose to be a day moisturiser, yeah, for those who don't use makeup, danke schön!
I'm so sick of ranting products, maybe the next review will be a recommendation, i truly hope so. I have no intention to rant any product, but when i spend my budget on such products i cannot not tell you about my experience and at least, warn you, even though it may be great for you. It's perfectly normal to be so.
If you have any moisturisers, truly allergy tested or hypoallergenic, with no perfume in it, moderately priced and it is present on the romanian market, let me know, down below, i'll be super grateful!
Browsing blogs i found a brand that seems to meet my wishes and that is Purity Organic Skincare, but i can't find their shipping countries.


  1. Te invit cu drag sa participi la giveaway`ul organizat la mine pe blog:

  2. You shouldn't want the Purity range, as products that are packaged in a jar are not efficient (see Paula's choice page for details or Google)


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