Sunday, September 23, 2012


 Please excuse the curtain pattern on my face :)
I was, just so happy that it's warm and sunny outside, that i didn't mind taking crappy pictures, hopefully, you won't either. :)
 So, i used my regular products as in my other FOTD post, my first FOTD, except this time i used instead of the concealer, a small amount of Vichy dermablend, (talking about expired products, this i'll have to use up by the end of the year), the blush, which is cheap and it's called blanchette and i have a new lipstick i just started using, the shade Rose Damasc from Yves rocher, which i like, so far.

Hope you're having a beautiful, warm day, too!

Saturday, September 22, 2012


 These are the products that expired recently and i had to throw, today.

Yves Rocher Dragee Lipstick - matte, hot, dark pink. Nice, but the smell bothered me.

 Revlon Super Lustrous, although it says it's Pearl, looks matte to me with a bit of glow, really weak.
Loved it, but didn't use it all :(

 NYX Round lipstick in B52. Used barely. I thought it was lighter coloured and it's pretty dark, brick-red, didn't suited me, i think...

 For some reason i kept on buying Affinitone foundation over these 4 years since i first used it...this was Golden beige, although my favorite shade is Natural Rose.
 Nivea volume gloss...this is great. Looks better than many glosses and lasts long time, i almost ended this product.

 Yves Rocher eyeliner. This is a dark brown, really good, beautiful shade, but for some reason made my eyes tear, randomly through the day and i couldn't use it as much as i wanted.

 Anddd, what i opened today is another lipstick, also from Yves Rocher. This was a present for an order.I had it for a while and i was waiting to give it away to someone who has no cosmetic allergies, but here i also has a smell that i don't particulary, like, but no sneezing yet. It's creamy and hydrating, but the says Rose Damasc...looks pink, but on my lips is so similar to Creme Brule, Revlon...weird, huh?

Hopefully, next time i throw products that aren't almost full :(
I'm sure you had to do this, too...that's a clear thing about what we buy and don't need :)

Sunday, September 16, 2012

FOTD, my 1st FOTD

I just realised i've never done such posts like FOTD, OOTD, NOTD etc. and i'd thought i should start today with my first Face of the Day.
 Natural lighting, please excuse my frowning. :)
 Products used:
Revlon colorstay - Fresh beige (normal/dry) and MNY Affinitone concealer 03 Sand.
 Elf blush.
 Didn't think i'll hit the pan soon...but, yay! You can so easily go overboard with this blush, u-huu!
 My HG mascara, Rimmel Extra Super Lash with the straight brush.

 Zooming my lashes with this mascara, eh? Not bad, i'd say.
Eyeshadows: my douglas kit. The brown from the left/middle.

 My horrible looking eyeliner, the miss sporty pencil in Magic (black one) and my eyebrow pencil from Seventeen in almond.

 Yves Rocher couleurs nature lipstick with lots and lots of sparkles and a nice smell. A pretty pink with glossy peachy sheen.

 My view that inspired me today, for this post. Hope you had a sunny day, also.

Aaaand, of course i forgot to show you 2 products i used and are obviously present on my face.
One is the eyeliner i love and used for the past 3 or 4 years, the Astor waterproof black liner (i know it looks horrible :) ) and the other is the L'Oreal Color Appeal Platinum eyeshadow in a gold color...
 ...with Picky in the background, snoozing his first autumn weekend away.
Hugs, from my Picky&me! :)

Balea Med Ultra sensitive Q10 day moisturiser

 Because fall is knocking at the door, my allergies seem to join and make my days miserable. I have some sort of weird allergy to some cosmetic components (that i don't know) that make wanna climb the walls when that happens. So, after using Olay moisturisers for 2 years now, i thought i'd change it and went for this one. Balea MED, ULTRASENSITIVE, spf 15, with Q10, anti-wrinkle, allergy tested day cream. That sounds more than great for its price, doesn't it? Well, although it continues the 'brag' by mentioning on the packaging that has no: perfume, preservatives and colouring chemicals, it has a funny, stinging smell that i hate and that, OF COURSE, tickles my allergic nose like hell!

It is pretty greasy, a white, thick paste that glides super smooth and gives a nice glow...but makes your foundation 'practice' some 'ice-skating' on your face! So, another bad thing about this, it's the fact that it's not a good makeup base, at all! I have combination skin, mostly dry even and this makes my Revlon colorstay shift! when i put it on. It's a moisturiser nightmare, since it's suppose to be a day moisturiser, yeah, for those who don't use makeup, danke schön!
I'm so sick of ranting products, maybe the next review will be a recommendation, i truly hope so. I have no intention to rant any product, but when i spend my budget on such products i cannot not tell you about my experience and at least, warn you, even though it may be great for you. It's perfectly normal to be so.
If you have any moisturisers, truly allergy tested or hypoallergenic, with no perfume in it, moderately priced and it is present on the romanian market, let me know, down below, i'll be super grateful!
Browsing blogs i found a brand that seems to meet my wishes and that is Purity Organic Skincare, but i can't find their shipping countries.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Rimmel Scandal'Eyes Show Off mascara

Here's again another Rimmel mascara launch at a special price i couldn't resist, just because i like Extra Wow and Extra Super Lash very, very much and this new one, Scandal'Eyes Show Off - Purple, has the same, but still. I wish i wasn't so curious and bought my regular, the Wow one with the british flag on it.
Here are some pictures that 'speak' for me.

 Yeah, you may say 'the lashes look ok' and 'that's fine' but let me tell you what a crappy mascara this one is. Firstly, the mascara itself, is so crap that doesn't do much for the lashes and more than that, it ends up on your undereye area super dry, in a million black dots!!
 The texture is dry, this is the best decribing word for it, dry!That's the feeling while using it and that's what you get. A dry, thin, non-flatering coat of crap on your lashes. I looked especially for one that was completely sealed so it hasn't been 'tested' in the shop, that's just the way it seems to be...a 6 month opened mascara you forgot to use.

 The brush is no wonder, either, to be frank. It is ok, i have no complaints about it, maybe because i'm used to do my lashes with about anything you'd gave me. The round end, supposedly lifts the lashes, fact i can't confirm, it just helps you grab the end-eye lashes better, no lifting!
I wouldn't and i won't ever buy this mascara and i am truly disappointed by this, since i love the wow and extra super lash and sexy curves i liked,, Rimmel London, you did a show off of one falling star.

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