Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Skincare recent buys

 This eye countour cream is excellent for improving the blood circulation around the area and i simply love it because it has no perfume and it contains lots of good ingredients like green tea, Q10 and marigold extract. I don't think i had a skin care product with a pump before. The price is more than reasonable, too. I like it so far and maybe will buy it again and other moisturisers from the range, too, that's for sure. I bought it from a Dm store.
 Another thing i changed is my face wash gel. But i regret i bought this one. As it says on the packaging 'foaming facial cleanser' is not true! No foam, no cleanser :P Well it takes off some greasiness, but let's be honest, we need a deep cleanser that leaves our skin squeaky clean, not just soak the oil above the complexion. It really doesn't produce any foam, really, no matter how much i rubb it, with water or without. It's just a too gentle face wash for me! I bought it for the good price and for the fact it does not contain parabens.
 And from cold to warm, i make a turn to a little scrubber i like and i'm glad i took it away from dm :)
Balea peeling gel is a nice scrub with no perfume, again, me and my allergies, it has little white and blue particles that are effective and do a good job, finally.

That's about it for my skin care new items, this time.

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