Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Lash All in 1 Millionaire Mascara Miss Sporty

 When i was in store i thought about what a cheap mascara can do that different from a more expensive one and how worse can it be? So i grabbed this one: Miss Sporty All in 1 Millionaire mascara, black, plain and simple, which had a special price, again, me, yeah...a sucker for discounts when it comes to trying new stuff. :)
 The brush is lovely, doesn't clump at all! the lashes and it's just easy to use and the size is perfect, not a bad thing to say about it.
The shape is nice and lean, for a good grab.
 This is the result after about 2-3 coats. The mascara itself is really soft, bad or good, it just makes your lashes natural and doesn't hold them like sticks in a certain way and if you have long, flirty lashes this will enhance just perfectly the shape and length you have. This mascara is not exactly 'All in 1' since it doesn't add volume or curve, this only makes your lashes more defined, that's it!

I guess it's worth the try, just the idea of satisfying a curiosity at a low cost :D I won't buy this one, in particular, again, maybe just another 'sis' from the range, since i can't expect much or see a huge difference between this and the other mascaras i have.

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