Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Dark hair lightening@home...again!

 I gotta admit that in terms of choosing a reasonable lightener, the best choice was in my case, Palette Natural Colors - 4-6 tones. I've used in the past L'Oreal and Syoss lighteners and this one is the winner of the three. My hair wasn't damaged, even though i lightened my hair 6 weekes ago, again, yes and its truly efficient. :)

 My hair was dark brown before. (dyed, not natural)
And the final hair color was this:

After another colouring with the same dye (Schwarzkopf Mousse - Hazelnut 668) looks darker, no idea why and this kinda disappointed me.

My wish was for a lighter shade, actually, but keeping this color, i can lighten it again in a few months and i can get there, 2-3 tones up :)

After so many tries doing this at home i can say it doesn't damage your hair, folowing the instructions and choosing the right color are the most important thing and it can bring the wanted result without spending a lot and praying on a hairdresser's chair.


  1. try a honey,olive oil,cinnamon and water mask.Leave it on at least 6 hours,apply it once a week and you will see results in time.Your hair will become lighter.


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