Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Astor Fashion Studio nail polish Nude

 Today i went across in a dm store over this beautiful nude color and i couldn't leave there :) This is the new nail polish line from Astor and for its launch it had a special price.

I haven't tried yet any nude on my nails and i think this one is too dark for my skin and just doesn't look right, but i go with it as a brown.

The things i liked about it was the texture and the lasting power, since i was in the kitchen after i put it on, especially to test it, it hasn't chipped a bit! It shows quality, i can tell, since my whole drawer is full of farmasi and miss sporty nail laquers and these chipp off after a few hours, in my case! :)
 With flash - this is how i would've liked it to show on my nails.

Here, down below, i have it in two layers.
 In this pic, its in one layer - natural light, but slightly off-focus.

 If you have Astor polishes, especially the big ones, you can notice a change, the brush is thinner and i like that.

There were other colors, too, all vibrant and i remember a beautiful green-minty one, but i have in mind a mellow yellow, though and it wasn't present in this Astor collection.

These are the new arrivals:
PS: after 24 hour of cooking, washing dishes, washing hair and hands, a lot, its still INTACT!! I didn't have a polish that holds that well! And in two layers looks the best! It becomes my favourite nail laquerrrr, yay!

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