Thursday, August 30, 2012

Fall wishlist

Here a few items i'm looking forward to buy this fall, things i wanted for some time or not for that long and i think it's going to be a beautiful autumn this year...i have a feeling.

NYX Black Label lipstick, shades Nude, India, Heiress...
Rimmel Wake up Concealer in Ivory is so luminous.

Sheer tops, i have one in purple, but since i changed my haircolor nothing seems to match me anymore...
Max factor Smooth Effect in Natural 50
 NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams, Tokyo and Istanbul are the most appealing to me.

Are some of your wishes on my list?
Would like to hear from you,

Have a great day, everyone!

How i make flirty lashes

 After i started using false lashes, i noticed how damaged the first pair looked...but i didn't throw it away as i usually do with everything i don't like anymore, but i cut them like this...
 ...both of them. And i thought of sticking them to the ends of my eyes, for a more natural look, without having that black contour lining from the band of the lashes...
...and it worked, in my opinion. I can say i like it better this way! What do you think?

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Garnier BB Cream for oily/combination skin

 I chose the light shade. Swatched above, directly to my face.

 I didn't see any post in which someone would mention the stingy feeling it gives to the eyes when it's first set to the skin, like strong alcohol right in your face, that lasts a few seconds.
This is how it looks blended:
 The right side of my face is wearing only the BB Cream and the left side has foundation on top (Affinitone - Natural Rose, from Maybelline). As you can notice, Garnier BB Cream is a great base for foundation. It gives more coverage and the face is more natural looking by having less product. If i use only foundation i put on a much more amount than i put with the bb cream & foundation, one layer each. So, for me its a great product. It also mattifies nicely and holds better the foundation, but worn alone, the bb cream shines after 3 hours.
I can say it does give nice coverage and from the first picture i posted you can notice how the shade is far from my skin tone and in the picture below, right side of my face, bb cream has adapted and looks very good, in my opinion.

 With foundation on top.
Garnier BB Cream just started my haunt for BB Creams. I intend to try other brands since it really makes a flawless makeup base and a nice, natural look for lazy days, worn alone.
What's on my BB Cream wishlist is Lioele Triple Solution, recommended by Shaaanxo.

Skincare recent buys

 This eye countour cream is excellent for improving the blood circulation around the area and i simply love it because it has no perfume and it contains lots of good ingredients like green tea, Q10 and marigold extract. I don't think i had a skin care product with a pump before. The price is more than reasonable, too. I like it so far and maybe will buy it again and other moisturisers from the range, too, that's for sure. I bought it from a Dm store.
 Another thing i changed is my face wash gel. But i regret i bought this one. As it says on the packaging 'foaming facial cleanser' is not true! No foam, no cleanser :P Well it takes off some greasiness, but let's be honest, we need a deep cleanser that leaves our skin squeaky clean, not just soak the oil above the complexion. It really doesn't produce any foam, really, no matter how much i rubb it, with water or without. It's just a too gentle face wash for me! I bought it for the good price and for the fact it does not contain parabens.
 And from cold to warm, i make a turn to a little scrubber i like and i'm glad i took it away from dm :)
Balea peeling gel is a nice scrub with no perfume, again, me and my allergies, it has little white and blue particles that are effective and do a good job, finally.

That's about it for my skin care new items, this time.

Lash All in 1 Millionaire Mascara Miss Sporty

 When i was in store i thought about what a cheap mascara can do that different from a more expensive one and how worse can it be? So i grabbed this one: Miss Sporty All in 1 Millionaire mascara, black, plain and simple, which had a special price, again, me, yeah...a sucker for discounts when it comes to trying new stuff. :)
 The brush is lovely, doesn't clump at all! the lashes and it's just easy to use and the size is perfect, not a bad thing to say about it.
The shape is nice and lean, for a good grab.
 This is the result after about 2-3 coats. The mascara itself is really soft, bad or good, it just makes your lashes natural and doesn't hold them like sticks in a certain way and if you have long, flirty lashes this will enhance just perfectly the shape and length you have. This mascara is not exactly 'All in 1' since it doesn't add volume or curve, this only makes your lashes more defined, that's it!

I guess it's worth the try, just the idea of satisfying a curiosity at a low cost :D I won't buy this one, in particular, again, maybe just another 'sis' from the range, since i can't expect much or see a huge difference between this and the other mascaras i have.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Alverde moisturiser with aloe vera

 I bought this recently from DM and because it gave me itches and stingy sensations i must warn you, not to buy it.
The valability of the product expires in october and because it was half price i thought i'd try it and i wasted half its price and threw it right away.
I can't explain the consistency, the awful smell and the stinginess i felt! I was so pleased with the range, i noticed a lot of other moisturisers from alverde, the range is very generous, (one, in particular, that gives natural glow) and because they contain bio components, gave me a very good impression. I'm sorry that this had to be the first tried, 'cause i don't think i'll ever try another one.

Dark hair lightening@home...again!

 I gotta admit that in terms of choosing a reasonable lightener, the best choice was in my case, Palette Natural Colors - 4-6 tones. I've used in the past L'Oreal and Syoss lighteners and this one is the winner of the three. My hair wasn't damaged, even though i lightened my hair 6 weekes ago, again, yes and its truly efficient. :)

 My hair was dark brown before. (dyed, not natural)
And the final hair color was this:

After another colouring with the same dye (Schwarzkopf Mousse - Hazelnut 668) looks darker, no idea why and this kinda disappointed me.

My wish was for a lighter shade, actually, but keeping this color, i can lighten it again in a few months and i can get there, 2-3 tones up :)

After so many tries doing this at home i can say it doesn't damage your hair, folowing the instructions and choosing the right color are the most important thing and it can bring the wanted result without spending a lot and praying on a hairdresser's chair.

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Nivea lipbalm vitamin shake

You never know with these lipbalms, its such a lottery! Swirly colors in a great nivea lip balm, this time. I didn't like the natural stuff, greeny one. I was so intrigued by this and hardly took the chance to try it and i'm happy i did, cuz it seems like a gloss on the lips and it really makes a difference.
 Soft, silky, rosy pink and no perfume, although it says on the packaging it has a slight acai and apple aroma. My lips get dry and pale (especially before i eat) during day, kinda lose contour. :) Does that happen to you? This little fella' is my help in 'resuscitating' my lips from now on!

 This is how it looks on my straight face of the day :)) Geez, i hate my camera, it makes me look as if i reflect in a spoon or something, it curves my face or somehow :)) Whewwwwwwwwwww  8}
Resembles so good to a pinkish gloss and its so easy to put on, anytime, anywhere, no stress, i like it!

Astor Fashion Studio nail polish Nude

 Today i went across in a dm store over this beautiful nude color and i couldn't leave there :) This is the new nail polish line from Astor and for its launch it had a special price.

I haven't tried yet any nude on my nails and i think this one is too dark for my skin and just doesn't look right, but i go with it as a brown.

The things i liked about it was the texture and the lasting power, since i was in the kitchen after i put it on, especially to test it, it hasn't chipped a bit! It shows quality, i can tell, since my whole drawer is full of farmasi and miss sporty nail laquers and these chipp off after a few hours, in my case! :)
 With flash - this is how i would've liked it to show on my nails.

Here, down below, i have it in two layers.
 In this pic, its in one layer - natural light, but slightly off-focus.

 If you have Astor polishes, especially the big ones, you can notice a change, the brush is thinner and i like that.

There were other colors, too, all vibrant and i remember a beautiful green-minty one, but i have in mind a mellow yellow, though and it wasn't present in this Astor collection.

These are the new arrivals:
PS: after 24 hour of cooking, washing dishes, washing hair and hands, a lot, its still INTACT!! I didn't have a polish that holds that well! And in two layers looks the best! It becomes my favourite nail laquerrrr, yay!

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