Friday, July 27, 2012

Purple look and false lashes...can u tell?

 Ok, i may look like i went false-lashes-crazeeee, but i promise i will temper myself and won't post about another false lash look, anytime soon. :P
 I hate the fact that my Canon EOS 350D takes crappy natural-light pictures and i only post the flash hit ones, but what can i do?
 Zie products used, of course i forgot to stick out the Flormar bronzerrr.
Colorstay in Sand beige for normal/dry skin.
Manhattan loose powder-which i don't like because it changes color during day.
Alverde pink blush - so cute.
Manhattan duo eyeshadow in Berry...something.
I love the blush brush from elf, which i use for setting powder -such a difference!
Flormar creamy lipstick in no. 24.
My ever-using 2 products:miss sporty eyeliner in 'Magic' and Seventeen eyebrow pencil.
Astor liquid eyeliner.
And the stars of the post the china-crap-shop false lashes, that i think, look sooo natural.
Is it just me? Is it obvious i have false lashes?
And btw, i didn't forget to mention the mascara, i just didn't use any :)

So, here's a natural lighting photo of the same look.

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