Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My1st xperience with false lashes-dramatic

 I can't express how satisfied i am, because i've been really struggling to put false lashes on, this isn't even the first pair i own! I had several and threw them after ripping them in angry frustration :))
But i succeeded with this pair because i had patienceeeee...their 'sister-pair' is chopped up in individual lashes :)
This pair i think is Ardell, sorry,  i have them for a while now and this is their first wear. I dont have the whole package anymore. I believe i have them for almost a year.
The glue i used is 'MAC liquidlast eye charm' that i bought insanely cheap from a Christmas Fair when i was away with work and realised it was MAC after 3 months or so :)) It's very fluid and transparent and has a small, thin brush.

At this eye (pic below) it's very obvious that i didn't match it perfectly, but i am very pleased, although i am perfectionist. The joy is just bigger than the desire of being perfect :P
I was lusting for such a long time at false lashes that all the youtube gurus out there wear them and all the bloggers who use them most of the times and now, i just ... clicked! >:D Mwahahaha! I'll just keep using them and of course i'll try some more natural looking ones, for more every day use :) These, i don't think they are. I have 2 weddings to attend this month and i don't think i'll wear these or maybe i'll get so accomodated with them and i will...who knows. But one thing's sure: i'll be back with false lashes!!
 I'm sorry for all this flash but i did this around 9 pm.

My inspiration and my 'help' in pursuing this, is a beautiful, cute, young and stylish youtube guru from NZ, my single guru, in fact, that i just discovered and love, shaaanxo!! Take a look at her videos and tell me what you think!
To all false-lashes-lovers who've been through this pain, keep it up, it's possible!! :))

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