Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Every blogger has

I noticed that most of beauty bloggers have cats and since i received an appreciation for my cat (from As palavras do coração), this idea came to my mind. Let's make a cat post! Everyone should introduce their pet/cat(s) on the blog. Pets are always around and support us, right? :D

So, in this post i will not talk about anything beauty related, unless its the beauty of my cat.
I will show you, all, my pet, no more words needed.
Dear, bloggers and readers, i present to you Picky-Picky:

 This is how i found it, mm, actually a lot worse.
(january 2012)

Fluffy, after a good bath :)
This is how he loves to sleep, too. Always on the back :D

 Loves cables and ping pong balls.

 He yawns a lot.
 So serious...

He purrs most of the time.
Some pics made with my phone camera.

He's almost 10 months, now.
I'm lookin forward to seeing your pets!


  1. Owwwww he is really beatiful :D I really enjoy this post i love cats , i have four :D i love all the quotes you have posted of them , but my favorite was ""He purrs most of the time."" ahah beatiful post really thank you :)

  2. Thank u so much! :)
    U must be so happy to have 4 cats! That's amazing!
    Hope i'll see them on your blog ;)


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