Saturday, July 28, 2012

Colorstay shake mix :)

 Because our skin colour changes during year, i thought i'd share with you a trick i use to do with my favourite foundation, the much raved Revlon Colorstay.
 Ok, so i had a wedding to attend and i tanned up a bit, like i know (secret i will share in another post, soon) to and i needed the shade Fresh beige 250. I have to mention the fact that all shades of this foundation are for normal/dry skin. I went to the nearest store and they had no Fresh beige. I was exhausted from work and i didn't want to go to another place where i would've probably found the Fresh beige and i bought one in True beige, which is like a dark paint compared to my face - which i forgot to mention, that  i do not tan, by any mean!! My face is like milky way white :))
In the above picture i have: left: Buff/Chamois, middle: Sand beige and right: True beige.
 I had an empty-almost bottle of Fresh beige and i've put in about 2/3 True beige and 1/3 Buff, mixed with a wood stick and shaked it well.
 Checked the result.

 Up: Sand beige, middle: Buff and low: Fresh beige - the winner.
Actually, having a fair skin, i consider Fresh beige (i know it looks dark) a even better shade for the ones who use Sand Beige. I don't find it to be too pink, not even on my pale face. I think that it covers freckles better, you need a smaller amount to do the same thing, you get rid of the yellow tone from Sand beige, looks more human! Its worth tested, really!
Another trick i have no photos for is using 2 shades of foundation, but not mixed together.
Why? How? I'll try to explain and maybe show in another post.
Use a darker shade than your complexion all over your face, nice and even and after it dries, add a lighter shade than your own skin to the under-eye area, corners of the mouth and to the center of your forehead.
The final result will be a healthy, more defined and sculpted face!
Add powder lightly and of course continue with your routine and you will notice that you won't need as much bronzer, contouring, etc.
I use this trick since ages, because i don't like plain, flat, uni-color face! :) So obvious, especially when you don't match! Btw, i match my body, not my face or neck.
Try, try, try and let me know what you think!

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