Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Barry M lipstick

...lipstick in PeachPink 147, that I recently bought online from a cosmetics shop and i swear this time that these (cause i bought a sleek lipgloss, too) are the last ones i buy  THIS YEAR! :D
Looks like this:
(i really tried to picture it as is in real life and do not alterate the color)

I've put my nails in the picture, too to see better the difference, so it doesn't look more pink than it really is.
 (with flash)
It's a pretty peach which looks at first sight very orange, i was like 'uhhh' when i opened it!
I admit i wouldn't have considered trying it if i'd seen it in the store and it's a lovely shade.
About the consistency i can say it's creamy, mine was kinda stiff, though (it's 37 C outside) a little drying and the good part is that it stays on, well the drying part comes together, so...
I am glad it has no scents, perfume, etc. None, at all.
Overall, for its price and everything i think it's a great lipstick and i love it so far!
This is how i look with Barry M 147:

Looks great with flash, too. Not too pale, just perfect.

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