Saturday, July 28, 2012

Bad products of July

God knows why i always buy something crappy and some other product(s) join, altogether. When one comes, they all come like that :))
So, i thought about giving you a warning about 4 products i have and regret buying.
These are:
 Pantene aqua light shampoo
Syoss repair&volume hair mask
Byphasse cleansing towlettes
Oriflame Lash Extreme mascara
 1. Pantene shampoo looked so tempting and just by looking at it you almost start to feel fresh and i have to congratulate the marketing team, they succeeded in inducing a state of wellness only by the packaging, the product isn't doing anything but drying you scalp excessively!!! The hair isn't clean more than one day, so it's not worth the drying skin part
2. Syoss hair mask - repair&volume
I generally love syoss products and i've never been disappointed by any of their products, so  i thought i try this mask, because the one in a can was awesome and it made me fall in love with the smell. But this one is far, far from that 'sis' product :) It actually leaves my hair loaded, matte, grose looking and it feels like i didn't wash the product off!! I tried keeping it a few seconds, a minute, 2 minutes (recom.) and the feeling was the same. It doesn't do anything to the hair, anything good, for that matter!
3. Byphasse cleansing wipes
I ran over these in a Cora hypermarket and it 'spoke' to me :)) Marketing victim, i know!
I got sick of the Pom Pons'smell and i wanted a different type of towlettes and these looked attractive.
Two things, bad things i have to mention, which i found in cheaper similar products and can't accept for these not to have: doesn't clean off Colorstay, properly, anyway, and after taking the makeup off, you wash your face and the eyes start to sting like hell!!
4. Oriflame lash extreme mascara
If you read my previous posts, you might noticed i love oriflame great lash mascara and this crap is like nothing close to that one!

 The brush reminds me of my first ever mascara, like 13 years ago!! It's LOADED with product and it helps you pull off wonderful 'spider eyes' :)) I had to rub off the brush by pressing it to the container and that way i succeeded using it. The lashes stick!!! You can't separate them once loaded by this crappy know the feeling.

 It looked like this, thank God i'm not a newbie! I even thought about making a single post about this mascara, but then i thought it's not worth the energy and the space on my blog. :P
Hope you didn't buy these and if you did, hope they were suited for you!

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