Thursday, July 19, 2012

123 Perfect Bourjois Concealer 73 Beige dore

 I know i mentioned in one of my previous posts the newest Bourjois concealer, the latest comeout 'range', 123 Perfect, which includes a foundation, which i tried and was horrified by and this concealer, a stick concealer, to my surprise, which is, actually, a very good one!
 I have it in no. 73 Golden beige and i just love the fact that it comes in different shades than most concealers and there aren't all so white and off-the-look.
 It work great with Revlon Colorstay foundation in 180 Sand Beige (for normal/dry skin) and you can't even tell you have concealer on.
 At first, might worry you the thickness and the apparent chalkiness, but after applying it, you start to see the good stuff about it. I know it looks terrible and it might stimulate your imagination a little bit, :P the heat made it brake and i couldn't avoid that. I've let in the fridge, but it was too late.So, probably it's better to buy it in the colder seasons.
 These are some really close-up photos for you to see how natural it looks even on top of colorstay :)
The shade is beautiful, more on the grey side, i guess, u can't say it's yellow nor pink, i absolutely love that!

Texture wise its indefinable, i think. You have to test it to see what i mean. It looks matte and it is, but not that rubbish matte that sinks in fine lines or you laugh and then stay serious and the lines are still looking like you're laughing :-? ...
Looks almost airy, moussey or something like that. I can say its above my expectations. Concealer stick???Good concealer stick?? In 2012?? Seriously???

Yeah :)

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