Saturday, July 28, 2012

Bad products of July

God knows why i always buy something crappy and some other product(s) join, altogether. When one comes, they all come like that :))
So, i thought about giving you a warning about 4 products i have and regret buying.
These are:
 Pantene aqua light shampoo
Syoss repair&volume hair mask
Byphasse cleansing towlettes
Oriflame Lash Extreme mascara
 1. Pantene shampoo looked so tempting and just by looking at it you almost start to feel fresh and i have to congratulate the marketing team, they succeeded in inducing a state of wellness only by the packaging, the product isn't doing anything but drying you scalp excessively!!! The hair isn't clean more than one day, so it's not worth the drying skin part
2. Syoss hair mask - repair&volume
I generally love syoss products and i've never been disappointed by any of their products, so  i thought i try this mask, because the one in a can was awesome and it made me fall in love with the smell. But this one is far, far from that 'sis' product :) It actually leaves my hair loaded, matte, grose looking and it feels like i didn't wash the product off!! I tried keeping it a few seconds, a minute, 2 minutes (recom.) and the feeling was the same. It doesn't do anything to the hair, anything good, for that matter!
3. Byphasse cleansing wipes
I ran over these in a Cora hypermarket and it 'spoke' to me :)) Marketing victim, i know!
I got sick of the Pom Pons'smell and i wanted a different type of towlettes and these looked attractive.
Two things, bad things i have to mention, which i found in cheaper similar products and can't accept for these not to have: doesn't clean off Colorstay, properly, anyway, and after taking the makeup off, you wash your face and the eyes start to sting like hell!!
4. Oriflame lash extreme mascara
If you read my previous posts, you might noticed i love oriflame great lash mascara and this crap is like nothing close to that one!

 The brush reminds me of my first ever mascara, like 13 years ago!! It's LOADED with product and it helps you pull off wonderful 'spider eyes' :)) I had to rub off the brush by pressing it to the container and that way i succeeded using it. The lashes stick!!! You can't separate them once loaded by this crappy know the feeling.

 It looked like this, thank God i'm not a newbie! I even thought about making a single post about this mascara, but then i thought it's not worth the energy and the space on my blog. :P
Hope you didn't buy these and if you did, hope they were suited for you!

Colorstay shake mix :)

 Because our skin colour changes during year, i thought i'd share with you a trick i use to do with my favourite foundation, the much raved Revlon Colorstay.
 Ok, so i had a wedding to attend and i tanned up a bit, like i know (secret i will share in another post, soon) to and i needed the shade Fresh beige 250. I have to mention the fact that all shades of this foundation are for normal/dry skin. I went to the nearest store and they had no Fresh beige. I was exhausted from work and i didn't want to go to another place where i would've probably found the Fresh beige and i bought one in True beige, which is like a dark paint compared to my face - which i forgot to mention, that  i do not tan, by any mean!! My face is like milky way white :))
In the above picture i have: left: Buff/Chamois, middle: Sand beige and right: True beige.
 I had an empty-almost bottle of Fresh beige and i've put in about 2/3 True beige and 1/3 Buff, mixed with a wood stick and shaked it well.
 Checked the result.

 Up: Sand beige, middle: Buff and low: Fresh beige - the winner.
Actually, having a fair skin, i consider Fresh beige (i know it looks dark) a even better shade for the ones who use Sand Beige. I don't find it to be too pink, not even on my pale face. I think that it covers freckles better, you need a smaller amount to do the same thing, you get rid of the yellow tone from Sand beige, looks more human! Its worth tested, really!
Another trick i have no photos for is using 2 shades of foundation, but not mixed together.
Why? How? I'll try to explain and maybe show in another post.
Use a darker shade than your complexion all over your face, nice and even and after it dries, add a lighter shade than your own skin to the under-eye area, corners of the mouth and to the center of your forehead.
The final result will be a healthy, more defined and sculpted face!
Add powder lightly and of course continue with your routine and you will notice that you won't need as much bronzer, contouring, etc.
I use this trick since ages, because i don't like plain, flat, uni-color face! :) So obvious, especially when you don't match! Btw, i match my body, not my face or neck.
Try, try, try and let me know what you think!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Purple look and false lashes...can u tell?

 Ok, i may look like i went false-lashes-crazeeee, but i promise i will temper myself and won't post about another false lash look, anytime soon. :P
 I hate the fact that my Canon EOS 350D takes crappy natural-light pictures and i only post the flash hit ones, but what can i do?
 Zie products used, of course i forgot to stick out the Flormar bronzerrr.
Colorstay in Sand beige for normal/dry skin.
Manhattan loose powder-which i don't like because it changes color during day.
Alverde pink blush - so cute.
Manhattan duo eyeshadow in Berry...something.
I love the blush brush from elf, which i use for setting powder -such a difference!
Flormar creamy lipstick in no. 24.
My ever-using 2 products:miss sporty eyeliner in 'Magic' and Seventeen eyebrow pencil.
Astor liquid eyeliner.
And the stars of the post the china-crap-shop false lashes, that i think, look sooo natural.
Is it just me? Is it obvious i have false lashes?
And btw, i didn't forget to mention the mascara, i just didn't use any :)

So, here's a natural lighting photo of the same look.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

False lashes - follow'up

 So i bought the chinese thingies and i must admit they are awesome!! The glue is ok, also, clear-white, workable and cheap. The chinese ones -Magic girl- came 2 pairs/set and the band is really thin and soft, so i cant be nothing but pleased.
 Here you can see the difference between Ardell lashes i wore in the previous post pictures and these chinese ones. The lenght is about the same but the way the strokes are set onto the band make them look more natural, in my opinion, even though the zigzag position isn't natural. I almost didnt buy them because of the way they look, i had no idea they look like this, when on.

What do you think?

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My1st xperience with false lashes-dramatic

 I can't express how satisfied i am, because i've been really struggling to put false lashes on, this isn't even the first pair i own! I had several and threw them after ripping them in angry frustration :))
But i succeeded with this pair because i had patienceeeee...their 'sister-pair' is chopped up in individual lashes :)
This pair i think is Ardell, sorry,  i have them for a while now and this is their first wear. I dont have the whole package anymore. I believe i have them for almost a year.
The glue i used is 'MAC liquidlast eye charm' that i bought insanely cheap from a Christmas Fair when i was away with work and realised it was MAC after 3 months or so :)) It's very fluid and transparent and has a small, thin brush.

At this eye (pic below) it's very obvious that i didn't match it perfectly, but i am very pleased, although i am perfectionist. The joy is just bigger than the desire of being perfect :P
I was lusting for such a long time at false lashes that all the youtube gurus out there wear them and all the bloggers who use them most of the times and now, i just ... clicked! >:D Mwahahaha! I'll just keep using them and of course i'll try some more natural looking ones, for more every day use :) These, i don't think they are. I have 2 weddings to attend this month and i don't think i'll wear these or maybe i'll get so accomodated with them and i will...who knows. But one thing's sure: i'll be back with false lashes!!
 I'm sorry for all this flash but i did this around 9 pm.

My inspiration and my 'help' in pursuing this, is a beautiful, cute, young and stylish youtube guru from NZ, my single guru, in fact, that i just discovered and love, shaaanxo!! Take a look at her videos and tell me what you think!
To all false-lashes-lovers who've been through this pain, keep it up, it's possible!! :))

Thursday, July 19, 2012

123 Perfect Bourjois Concealer 73 Beige dore

 I know i mentioned in one of my previous posts the newest Bourjois concealer, the latest comeout 'range', 123 Perfect, which includes a foundation, which i tried and was horrified by and this concealer, a stick concealer, to my surprise, which is, actually, a very good one!
 I have it in no. 73 Golden beige and i just love the fact that it comes in different shades than most concealers and there aren't all so white and off-the-look.
 It work great with Revlon Colorstay foundation in 180 Sand Beige (for normal/dry skin) and you can't even tell you have concealer on.
 At first, might worry you the thickness and the apparent chalkiness, but after applying it, you start to see the good stuff about it. I know it looks terrible and it might stimulate your imagination a little bit, :P the heat made it brake and i couldn't avoid that. I've let in the fridge, but it was too late.So, probably it's better to buy it in the colder seasons.
 These are some really close-up photos for you to see how natural it looks even on top of colorstay :)
The shade is beautiful, more on the grey side, i guess, u can't say it's yellow nor pink, i absolutely love that!

Texture wise its indefinable, i think. You have to test it to see what i mean. It looks matte and it is, but not that rubbish matte that sinks in fine lines or you laugh and then stay serious and the lines are still looking like you're laughing :-? ...
Looks almost airy, moussey or something like that. I can say its above my expectations. Concealer stick???Good concealer stick?? In 2012?? Seriously???

Yeah :)

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Every blogger has

I noticed that most of beauty bloggers have cats and since i received an appreciation for my cat (from As palavras do coração), this idea came to my mind. Let's make a cat post! Everyone should introduce their pet/cat(s) on the blog. Pets are always around and support us, right? :D

So, in this post i will not talk about anything beauty related, unless its the beauty of my cat.
I will show you, all, my pet, no more words needed.
Dear, bloggers and readers, i present to you Picky-Picky:

 This is how i found it, mm, actually a lot worse.
(january 2012)

Fluffy, after a good bath :)
This is how he loves to sleep, too. Always on the back :D

 Loves cables and ping pong balls.

 He yawns a lot.
 So serious...

He purrs most of the time.
Some pics made with my phone camera.

He's almost 10 months, now.
I'm lookin forward to seeing your pets!

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