Thursday, June 28, 2012

Job interview makeup

 I am, really a natural, clean makeup fan, but there are such few times when i manage to do it AND like it. I think it takes a good 'face day' to do it and a special mood, i know, i'm complicated inside :)
Like i said, today is a job interview day! So i gotta look fresh, not over made up and of course, ad a big smile to it!
 Products used:
Revlon Colorstay for normal/dry skin Sand beige 180
Maybelline One by one mascara
Elf blush -pink with golden shimmer (kinda huge)
Bourjois concealer, the new one, from 123 Perfect range (i tried the foundation, too, it was horror)
And my usuals: seventeen eyebrow pencil, astor eyeliner, stay matte powder (translucent) and brown eyeshadow (avon quad and seventeen mono)
 And my assistent, Picky-sticky-paws, he loves subtilizing my stuff and having such an angel face i always think i've lost my memory :D can't find my makeup items :) i wonder why.
Have a great day!

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  1. Oh my god :D your cat so beautiful XD love the picture :D


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