Wednesday, June 27, 2012


I noticed that most of the blogs have faces (?! :) :P) in them, so i actually took the guts to do this, too.
This way, i'll probably be more personal, more ...close to you?!
So...from this day on i will show more of me and my makeup, no more boring, impersonal posts, ok?
Here it goes.
My quick makeup for today looks like this:
 ?!##@$#@ the camera took pictures of me all alike even though i switched to every option and no good! Does it seem like it was a sunny, cloud-free midday to you?

Products used:

Dream satin liquid foundation - light beige
Flormar bronzer
Stay matte translucent powder
Rimmel london Extra Wow mascara
Elf blush
Astor eyeliner
Seventeen eyebrow pencil and eyeshadow
Douglas kit - eyeshadow&gloss
Miss sporty Magic eyeliner

I just love the glosses in the Douglas kit, too bad i don't like carrying them around. I'm wearing one of them, but now i see in the picture that i didn't pull that lower drawer to the max and it doesn't show two other gloss shades.

Better? :)

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