Friday, June 29, 2012

Sick of black hair?

Today i will share with you all, how i got rid of the black colour in my hair for the third time in the last 3 years. How i got to do it for three times? Well, let's say i always ended up buying the wrong shades, everything it had to do with brown in it: honey brown, medium brown, dark brown, chestnut brown and somehow all went very dark and i didn't want that, at all.
So, after weeks of drooling over pictures on facebook of my aquaintances who turned red after dark hair i said to myself 'it's time to make a change again'
I went and bought a syoss lightener and 2 boxex of dye in shade Frozen chestnut. Why two? In case i lighten up some parts too much or i don't dye my hair evenly from the first stroke.

I must open the window because it makes me tear a lot, both the lightener and the hairdye.

And i started applying the lightener. And i looked like this :)
 I applied it very evenly and coamed the hair to make sure every hair is covered with lightener. I started from the ends and gradually put on on the midlength and on top, in the end, although i shouldn't have because i had very light hair which turned Tweety-yellow after 5 minutes :)

After the first 5 minutes it starts showing lighter colour of the original one and the maximun waiting time is 30 minutes.This time i waited for 30 minutes and because i dyed monthly the lightener couldn't lighten up to 12 shades as promised, which i expected.
I washed my hair, blow-dried it and it looked like this:

It didn't lighten up very much but enough to make it work.
Next i applied the frozen chestnut hairdye from syoss, of course.
The final result, using only one of them, is something like this:

Pretty red, huh? I didn't expected to turn out like this, but i am very curious how i'll be in a couple of months (hopefully not black).
I was very indecisive with choosing colors, i was tempted to buy chocholate light brown and praline mix, which i used for the grown roots, once and it didn't impress me much, although on a full lenght would look awesome. I donno, but i wanted a more brownish color, not reddish! :(
Three years ago i wanted the same thing and went to a salon and the hairdresser didn't do it any better. Here's a picture of her 'work'
 (light brown, my ass)           

Good luck if u try this at home, like i did!

Color update, after 2 washes

 Still red, no chestnut :) So i'll probably go dark again.

Update, after another dye (medium brown) and a month later, looks like this:

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Job interview makeup

 I am, really a natural, clean makeup fan, but there are such few times when i manage to do it AND like it. I think it takes a good 'face day' to do it and a special mood, i know, i'm complicated inside :)
Like i said, today is a job interview day! So i gotta look fresh, not over made up and of course, ad a big smile to it!
 Products used:
Revlon Colorstay for normal/dry skin Sand beige 180
Maybelline One by one mascara
Elf blush -pink with golden shimmer (kinda huge)
Bourjois concealer, the new one, from 123 Perfect range (i tried the foundation, too, it was horror)
And my usuals: seventeen eyebrow pencil, astor eyeliner, stay matte powder (translucent) and brown eyeshadow (avon quad and seventeen mono)
 And my assistent, Picky-sticky-paws, he loves subtilizing my stuff and having such an angel face i always think i've lost my memory :D can't find my makeup items :) i wonder why.
Have a great day!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Yves it?

 Who doesn't like FREEBIES?? This is what i ordered,

and this is what i got!

                               A travel bag, a makeup bag and a lipstick, shade of my choice, of three.
The mini perfumes have 5 ml of product and come so cheap, i love them. This way i never get enough of them.
I must admit i am pleased with Yves Rocher products, considering my allergies and everything, unlike avon stuff (that caused me the allergy, in the first place).


I noticed that most of the blogs have faces (?! :) :P) in them, so i actually took the guts to do this, too.
This way, i'll probably be more personal, more ...close to you?!
So...from this day on i will show more of me and my makeup, no more boring, impersonal posts, ok?
Here it goes.
My quick makeup for today looks like this:
 ?!##@$#@ the camera took pictures of me all alike even though i switched to every option and no good! Does it seem like it was a sunny, cloud-free midday to you?

Products used:

Dream satin liquid foundation - light beige
Flormar bronzer
Stay matte translucent powder
Rimmel london Extra Wow mascara
Elf blush
Astor eyeliner
Seventeen eyebrow pencil and eyeshadow
Douglas kit - eyeshadow&gloss
Miss sporty Magic eyeliner

I just love the glosses in the Douglas kit, too bad i don't like carrying them around. I'm wearing one of them, but now i see in the picture that i didn't pull that lower drawer to the max and it doesn't show two other gloss shades.

Better? :)

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