Saturday, March 31, 2012

elf peach blush and lip stain in First Date

 I finally succeeded to place an order AND receive the products. I am saying this because i bought these from a company (that imports elf cosmetics) situated in the city i live and i couldn't find it when i went to pick up my order. :)) I had to use postal services to get it this time even if there are aproximately 2 km from my home :))
 Anyway it's probably last time. I chose a blush, a blush brush and a lip gloss (stain, whatever)
 The blush claims it's mineral and it must be true since it says 6M on the bottom. The colour is beautiful but applying it not!
The lip stain, as they call it, has a much stronger color than u can appreciate from their website and i can't say i like it. I used it 4 times, i think... At least it's not vanilla scented!

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