Saturday, March 31, 2012

Super Extend mascara form Avon

I've always loved Avon mascaras because they are good and more than reasonable. This is one of them. I only have one con to mention and this is the fact it dries up/evaporates or they don't fill up to the 7ml promised because i usually have one from other brands for a whole month or more and this ones last only 3 weeks or so.
Going back to the properties it dries hard and if u sneeze as i do in the morning, u'll end up swearing after that cuz the lashes stick together :) Otherwise is a good mascara and i'm impressed by the hold it gives, the lashes stay hard all day :)) This didn't sound good...

elf peach blush and lip stain in First Date

 I finally succeeded to place an order AND receive the products. I am saying this because i bought these from a company (that imports elf cosmetics) situated in the city i live and i couldn't find it when i went to pick up my order. :)) I had to use postal services to get it this time even if there are aproximately 2 km from my home :))
 Anyway it's probably last time. I chose a blush, a blush brush and a lip gloss (stain, whatever)
 The blush claims it's mineral and it must be true since it says 6M on the bottom. The colour is beautiful but applying it not!
The lip stain, as they call it, has a much stronger color than u can appreciate from their website and i can't say i like it. I used it 4 times, i think... At least it's not vanilla scented!

Alverde powder and blush

 I must admit i was determined to take a look at these by the cute design of the packaging, made from cardboard.
The powder is a usual one, i use it for contouring, has a bit of scent that i can't name exactly, but i'm not a fan of it. I still hit the pan, though, as u can see in the picture :) I remembered to review it kinda late.

The blush is great! Fine texture, luminous and delicate. Nice range, Alverde!

Pharmaceris foundation ivory 01

 Almost everybody knows polish foundations are very good and this is no exception, especially since it is a dermatocosmetic one and comes with a friendly price tag.

 It offers good coverage, dewy finish, natural color, but there are only 3 shades to choose from: Ivory, Sand and Bronze.
It says it is good for sensitive and intolerant skin, i wouldn't know since i don't have skin issues.
I was totally surprised to discover Pharmaceris and maybe i will try it in the next darker shade, Sand.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

We found love :)) Dream satin liquid

After another experience, in the past, with this foundation i re-bought it last week and i discovered a whole different one! Can't believe it! This is such good stuff! I don't know about the summer time, but at this time of year it's divine, my skin loves it and i love it! I have it in shade  Light beige and it's not a perfect match at all, but i will buy it in Ivory. Be back soon! Have a nice day!

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