Sunday, February 26, 2012

Vichy Dermablend 25 Nude

 The much raved foundation about its covering capability...
All i can think about's the twin of it. I could've sworn it's Toleriane from La Roche Posay if i wouldn't have known that i was using Dermablend.
 I actually, got a sample before i bought it and it was a little different :) don't know why.
I can't say i found the perfect foundation even if it's natural-looking, covers very well and it's from the 'healthier' range of foundations. All these don't convince me at all to buy another one in the future.
An important con i can mention is the lasting power! It's not suitted for combination/oily types, unfortunately...and this i can't accept. Affinitone lasts longer than Dermablend!!
The shade Nude 25 is ok for fair and medium complexions, but it gets so shiny on the T-zone...after, like 4 hours!
It covers maybe 90% of my freckles, (which are so light) as u can notice in the photo... i don't wanna see a young woman with a terrible scar putting up hopes in this foundation and realizing it...doesn't do what it's meant to do...

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